180cc Bore Kit

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  1. Yammyboy94

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    im wondering how reliable that kit will be, also wondering how it will effect your warranty and invalidate your insurance, + illegal unless you've passed a full test etc.
    sorry to be a kill joy but i would leave the bike how it is :)

  2. Passed my full test warrenty wont have it anymore i dont think but i dont mind about that and insurence i will just have to pay some more i just want some more power after passing my full test. As i will be keeping this bike for another 2 years im making it my own :)
  3. Codemonkey

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    Plus you'd need a new ecu as well anyway.
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  4. Should i just save up for the melossi as its reliable and also comes with an ecu i think?
  5. Yammyboy94

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    i have heard stories of how the malrossi messes a bike up and is more of a hassle than its worth + bikes wont idle and cold start etc properly.
    its a 4t 125 if you want more power and you have a full license it will be cheaper to buy a bigger bike, the money you spend modding etc will result in you having a very expensive bike that is slightly faster and alot less reliable than a standard r125.
    thats just my opinion though dude its your bike :) and you never know it might work out perfect but i personally wouldn't risk it.

  6. I know i was going to get a zx6r but dont wna spend £1300 fir third part only or £7000 for fire and theft so this would be cheaper haha
  7. Yammyboy94

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    yeah insurance is a bitch :)
  8. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    You have Malossi and Athena KIT.
    in mine i have Malossi kit since September of 2010 no problem, only need to take some turn in idle screw.
    if Malossi was so bad why the Yamaha YZF R125 CUP Still use Malossi KIT??? and this CUP all Motorcycle have Malossi not others brands.

    and my R182 can travel at constant 140km/h 15T Front sprocket Malossi ECU change red line cut to 11500rpm so to go work and return home 100km in 1 day i perfer the R182.

    remember bigger CC more Galon per mile.
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  9. mrwhite

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    This ************e that Malossi make your bike go bang is terrible. I point you all to the Malossi R182 cup, our bike, 182 engine.

    I asked all this on the other forum: r125 .yamahar125.com/index.cgi?board=technical&action=display&thread=438
  10. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    sorry dude i don't have account in other site anymore.
    but if you need my help just ask i will try to do my best for answer you.
    but i need to understand what you ask, remember i'm Portuguese so English is my second or third language.
  11. mrwhite

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    You can check as a guest.

    I mean - Malossi are reliable. It doesn't harm our bike.

    If you change the bore of the bike you need to sort the fuelling - new ECU, as said. It also seems pointless to give it more go and lose some of that gained power by keeping the stock exhaust. You also need to factor in a new camshaft. The 182 kit doesn't come with one. The 150 kit that Yamaha does, does. That's what I'm lead to believe, anyway.
  12. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    if you buy the cylinder kit and malossi kit 479£ ou don't need Power Commander 3 or 5. or you can buy a malossi kit 357€ without malossi cdi.
    i have a post in this site for a adaptation of a 50£ power commander 3 made for aprilia 2 cylinder to yzf r125. this mod is in the pc3 users maps site too.
    i adapted a pc3 to my yzf r125 because i was put a full exhasut devil system with a K&S air filter and the fuel mix must be change so i only spend 50£ in a used pc3 from ebay and make connections in wires and a little mods in software.
    i love more the pc3 them malossi cdi but pc3 and pc5 don't change the red line cut from 10500rpm to 11500rpm.
    i'm trying to find the black cam because malossi cam is too expensive and black cam i think is very good because there is a lot of pople use that cam in lc135 with 150cc and 182cc kit.
    them i will change throttle body from 28mm to 32mm and i will mod valves head too. i already receive a raptor 600 ecu to make aa new project. because i can find a way of enter in r125 moric ecu with simple way.
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  13. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Dear Mrwhite I’m the owner of pc3 users maps a site for power commander 3 modification in hardware and software ;) and I was the guy that convert a another model of power commander 3 aprilia model to yzf r125 is something that dynojet say is impossible to do. I do and use in my r125 til malossi kit was installed in September of 2010.
    150 kits you have to use 2 GASKET or you will have valve and piston problems.
    150 cc is not a kit for yzf r125 is original part of Yamaha 150cc yzf r15 or sniper or other names is Asian country’s Yamaha motorcycle they only have 150cc and higher.
    the cam of 150 kit is exactly the some that r125 use, so you don't need to buy that, you need is a different cam stage there are stage 2 and stage 3 for stage 3 you will need to create valve pocket in any piston 150 or 182cc. so stay in stage 2 if you don't have a way to make valve pocket.
    Kev can explain to you the 150cc kit issue and what he does itself to correct that. 2 gaskets in head.
    If you want or need the ultimate mod is this:
    Malossi 182cc kit with malossi cdi
    Cam stage 3
    Create valve pocket in piston
    Big head valves mod and port polish valves 22/19
    Throttle body of 32mm and 10 holes injector.
    The best air filter that you can find
    Ignition time remove 4º retard
    Different sprockets 15t front 39 or 42 rear
    You will get about 24cv 26cv or more at rear wheel.
    Original r125 is 11.4cv in rear wheel 15cv in out of gears.
    hope this help.
    i'm always here to help
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  14. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    That's an incredibly complex post, Mikas. I'm trying to work my way through that! It would seem as though nothing is simple.

    My dealer quoted me £600 for a new exhaust and a 182 kit. What do you think will be included? Will it be a Scorp and Malossi + CDI? Malossi without CDI + full Devil? It'll be interesting to see what you put. :)
  15. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    i have a K&S panel air filter 4 big holes in air box uper case, i will take pictures, a full devil inox exhaust, a malossi cdi and malossi 182cc kit a 15t front sprocket and a spark that malossi manual say to use.
    but i always say full system exhaust if you don't have other them standart them go to full malossi kit exhaust red air filter cylinder kit and cdi, you can by 15t front sprocket from dc-afam if you need i give you the correct part number.
    do not but do not buy 15t front sprocket like this because this sprocket have 1 more drill and for that aren't balance anymore.

    this is the dc-afam sprocket
    the full malossi trophy kit is 1300€ - http://www.malossistore.be/Prodotto.aspx?type=M&MM=MO/YAYZ125&C=4914352
    or you can buy the cilinder and cdi for 479£ in ebay 612€ in malossi store
    or the cilynder for about 357€ - is for fantic but the engine is the some just like parts number in malossi - http://www.malossistore.be/Prodotto.aspx?type=M&MM=MO/FACA125&C=3113214

    my full devil cost me 519€
    my air filter cost me 47€
    and my malossi kit with cdi master force 2 cost me 520€
    prices malossi was in august of 2010 and devil was in 2009 i think.

    you can buy a complete full exhaust new or in ebay.
    if you don't have experience in mount kit try to find a friend that give you some help.
    if you go to dealer for kit install you will pay about 6 or 8 hours of handwork, but if you can use the dealer is more safer them you and a friend.
    i install mine but i mount and dissamble motorcycle a lot until i left motorcycle about 15 years ago. i return to 2 wheels about 3 years ago but i know a lot of mecanic and electronic.
    if you plan to stay with r125 for a couple of years this is a good mods but if you plan to change for a bigger cc motorcycle do not spend money on this because all mods that you made you will feel sad after run a 600cc motorcycle.
    try to find what you want first, if you haven't decide yet try the exhaust full system and do not buy any cdi you can go to your dealer and ask to they change in yamaha ecu the co setting for +5 it cost about 20€ they have a FI TOOL that can change a little of fuel mix in ecu and for a complete exhaust is perfect and cheaper.
    if you run a lot in highways you can buy from dc-afam the 15t front sprocket it cost 12€ more shipping and you can hit in downhill 142km/h in the speedo.
  16. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    if your dealer say 600£ for a complet exhaust not the muffler, and a malossi 182cc with cdi thats is a great great price.
    malossi red air filter cost 24€.

    complete exhaust system

    only a muffler is the original pipe with catalytics and only the end of exhaust pipe is cut and they fit the muffler.
  17. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    Thank you once again, Mikas!

    Is the 15t for speed or acceleration?

    I think I've seen air filter mods on here. Does it give a marked improvement? I'll have a look at the thread on changing sprockets, actually...
  18. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    The 15t is for top end gains bud... Not acceleration ;)
  19. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    The air filter mod and holes in uper case of air filter you will need to change fuel mix.

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