180cc Bore Kit

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  1. Im lost :) im going to dealer see what they think and how much it will all cost me :)
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    If you go in like a clueless spanner you don't know what to ask for, what to argue with, and what to pay. Bare that in mind.

    Mikas, are you saying if I do a nice air filter job that I need to sort the fuelling? 'cos if so, if I get PC/Malossi kit/Devil I'll just get a K&N too.
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    Hello, If you change air filter you are change the fuel mix, more air the same gasoline. so the yamaha dealer have a electronic tool that can change in ecu the fuel mix more gasoline or less air in fuel mix, the name of this tool is FI TOOL.
    if you mod air filter or use a complete exhaust system the FI TOOL can do the job for the fuel mix. for bigger CC Kit or camshaft stage 2 or 3 you will need a new fuel injector box, you have Malossi master force 1 and 2 ( no software only potentiometer 3 setting you can change), leovinve box ( i have the software but is too confuse for playing with settings) , arrow box ( arrow only do a decal and glue in a Power commander3 ) and rapid bike ( DEVIL) ( this unit is the only one that if you change your motorcycle for a CBR600RR for example the box work in others models of motorcycle only need to buy a cable).
    there is a kit of 182cc from Athena that use a complet new ecu you have to replace the yamaha ecu for the evo 2 ecu, and you can play with setting.
    i have a K&S air filter buy at devil not the K&N air filter but K&S.

  4. Athena piston is working in malossi cylidner? I will 19/23mm big valve head, valve pockets what do I need?

  5. I have found some stage 2 camshafts but not any stage 3..... Could you tell me some?

  6. Evening, You seem to know your stuff and I'm in desperate help of getting my r125 working with the fitted Yamaha 150 kit. It's probably not bedded in yet which I'm aware won't help but I just can't get it to idle... the screw has no effect so I've set it to 3,000 (any less it splutters) rpm via throttle cable constantly engaged. But when I start it up again I'm back to square one with the rpm jumping up and down like mad. Any help would be massively appreciated as I can't find any solid info anywhere.

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