188 ccm bore kit

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by wrxRider, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Benji

    Benji Guest

    it's interesting that it includes a con-rod the only kit I have seen that does, not sure how our crank comes apart, not split the crank case yet to find out.

  2. the only thing that puts me off this is the price, the Malossi 182cc one is about £500 (correct me if I'm wrong) so this can't be as good quality unless they got 'em for dirt cheap
  3. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    ive enquired about this kit, my only concern is the con rod. From what i can tell, its a full tear down of the engine to gt to it. This im not keen to do.

  4. hey kev and that yours 150 kit was good ?
  5. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    yeah, its spot on.

  6. why do you sell it , its not strong? (hp) . does it includes better camshaft ?
  7. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    i just to go bigger cc, thats why im selling it

  8. youre going to buy malossi kit ?
  9. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    yeah. i didnt want to say it but yes.
    ive had experience now with the 150 kit, and the result was good. so im hoping the malossi will be even better. im also gonna upgrade to pc5.
  10. haen

    haen Member

    guys.. we'll give special prices for this kit just for the forum member..


    178 cc kit plug and ride... no leaks, no overheat issue..

    Kit content :

    Special block with hi quality sleeve
    62 mm forged piston 14 mm wrist pin ready for big valve head 22/19 for later upgrade
    Piston wrist pin
    Piston ring set
    Power Cam --> this baby guarantees your power output

    Dyno test result :

    on LC135 moped with 28 mm MIKUNI TM carb, TDR CDI, BIG VALVE 22/19 head Flowbench porting, ends with 24 HP 16 Nm..
    on FZ150i Injection, with fuel module + sport pipe results in 18.5 HP 15.6 Nm.. increase 4.2 HP and 3.3 Nm torque from stock 14.3 HP and 12,3 Nm
  11. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    i might be interested on a camshaft.
    do you have any spec such as lift and duration?
  12. haen

    haen Member

    hass already have one.. u can ask the details and the results to him :D
  13. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    ah well, if hass has one, then im sure he would have bought good quality.
    can you PM me a price for just the camshaft. No silly UPS or FEDEX shipping though, just use regular airmail or EMS if that cheap.
  14. haen

    haen Member

    pm sent bro...

  15. hey hean i sent you pm but you still dont answer me ...
  16. motobum

    motobum Member

    G'Day Haen, you'd have better PM me with a forum member price for the kit, as I think I'll have one.

    By The Way Guys, after many months of inactivity and a few short rides, I'm about to put up a post on my bikes performance and my opinions on it, so I won't hijack this one.
  17. haen

    haen Member

    @wrxrider : sorry.. been busy somewhere :) just checking in this forum.. i already replied to your email
    @motobum : check PM please :)

  18. Why install a bore kit 188cc ? :roll:
    is more easy install a kit athena 182cc . athena have the controler too .

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