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  1. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    Damged r125 for slae 2008 reg tinted front screen blue footpegs custom decals etc. 12 months mot and tax
    Needs left boomerang panel and both rear panels abou 200 pound from ebay.

    1350 ovno ask for pics

  2. r u only selling as whole bike, or braking it. mine aint got rear footpegs.
  3. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    The whole bike is being sold but I have rear pillion pegs if you want them 40 pound posted

  4. i need the whole lot pegs n brackets. it didnt have it on when i bought it. had 2 t5ake the rear seat off n put a put o seat cover on 2 get it througt its mot.
  5. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    ah yeah because it would be classed as a 2 seater but wouldnt pass because has no pegs unlucky. yeah I have the pegs and the whole brackets dude

  6. just got sum pegs mate. i could do with the underneth fairing. the 1 behind the front wheel.theres a left n a rite. is that ok n do u still have it. as u can c mines an 08 in blue.
  7. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    So you have a 2008 Model YZF r125, can you do the ecu mod in that model and show us how and what need to do that mod?

  8. sorry about that mate, yeah when i bought the bike i neva realized. took it in the garage 4 its service n he told me that. had 2 order a sole panal n got charged 103. hindsite i should of got the pegs instead. i'll only need the pegs once ive passed my test.

  9. sorry mate. new 2 all this. i wouldnt have a clue. i class a mod as puttin sum stickers on. ask on here mate. sure sum1 will no. they seem clued up on here. sorry cant help
  10. Fisher

    Fisher Member

    He is refering to a MOD that Connel described that removes the rev limit (or changes it..)

    He wants proof that he can do it.
  11. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    we already discu
    already said this seen as you guys were being very rude and doubting me I will only share with people who are polite and actually acknowledge me.

    why should I share my knowledge with people who talk to me like rubbish and I dont need to prove anything come along to my work and see us working on the bikes for yourself

  12. ive heard it can be done. but dont no if its tru

  13. if i bring my bike will u work on that. new tyres, chain n sprocket. oilchange. even give it a clean if u want.lol:D

  14. i'm new 2 all this motorbike stuff. bought a ped in march. upgraded 2 the yzf r125 in july. i can do an oil change n do the chain slack n minor repairs. u seem 2 no what your talking about mate. knowlage is a gud thing. if i eva need help is it ok 2 ask. i only a bin man.:)
  15. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Did i offence you?
    I only say if you have a damage bike why not use that one, because you say that you will need to put your bike normal to make again the mod. so with a damage one you will not need to change yours motorcycle for the mod.
    but forget your head is a total mess for me.
  16. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    coarse you can buddy no problem at all ay just because your a bin man dosnt mean your not intelligent you just gotta learn dude and you dont learn if you dont ask or tinker about with things so yeah anytime you need a hand give me a shout and ill give ya a hand
  17. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    go away mikas you are a trouble maker
  18. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    yes i will i don't spend time with people like you.
    at least i'm not a liar,.
    for me you are in ignore list.
    grow up

  19. cheers mate. makes me feel beta now i no i know sum1 who knows what there talkin about. if that makes sense.
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  20. theres an ignore list.:confused:

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