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  1. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    yes i think there is, at least i have one.
    but you aren't in that list :)
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  2. do u have the fairings that r behind the front wheel. they are black n theres a left n right 1. dont no the proper name 4 them soz.

  3. gud glad cheers mate. dont need enermys
  4. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

  5. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    before accident damage yzf r125 1.jpg yzf r125 2.jpg yzf r125 3.jpg
  6. jamieb193

    jamieb193 Member

    You have a YouTube channel don't you? CR125MANIAC? At lest this bike is on that channel anyway.
    You commented on my bike mod video basically slagging it and bragging that mine wasn't modified compared to yours...
    Oh well, all that money for no reason eh?

    Btw just a refresh so you know who I am. My YouTube account is Jamie4danielle :D
  7. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    It was my bros bike someone crashed into him It would have been my bro mate as he uses my youtube for some of his vids.

    Now please can you not post on here unless you are interested in buying the bike As it will bung up the thread cheers
  8. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    oh and btw I just read the comment he put :
    check my bike out because this is not modded compared to mine
    CR125MANIAC 2 months ago
    I think you are quite small minded if you think he was saying this to brag he is very proud of what he achieves and I am also very proud of him as he did the bike to look very nice. He is only 17 and has special needs give him a break ey pal. I think he was barely trying to say your bike was not modified in such a way as his was

  9. same as mine mate. why dont u break it. u might earn more that way.

  10. alrite mate, were u get the r6 decals from n how u take the originals off. i'm thinking an hair dryer 2 heat it up.the last thing i wana do is scratch it.
  11. Mayoh x2

    Mayoh x2 Member

    How much for the screen?!
  12. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    35 pound posted and your screen mayoh
  13. Mayoh x2

    Mayoh x2 Member

    gonna be really cheeky. would you take 25? :p
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  14. Connell69

    Connell69 Member

    30 posted then mate as thats a bargain as 45 plus 5 postage on ebay
  15. Mayoh x2

    Mayoh x2 Member

    mate i fully agree its a bargain but im SKINT till end of month, ill have a think on it bro

  16. just noticed. r they crash protectors? what u wanting 4 them.
  17. Mayoh x2

    Mayoh x2 Member

    right dont need the screen now, what i do need is tank centrestrip, how much?

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