2009 Yzf R125 Cut Out And Won't Start Again

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by JayGriffR125, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I've used this forum before for tips etc. but never made an account but recently I was going up a hill (bike was at fairly high rpm) then it just cut out there was no funny sounds or anything coming from the engine so I pulled over and tried to start the bike again which failed. I then bump started the bike and it started but then as I was riding back I had to stop at a junction and it cut out again. I have checked my spark plug and it was fine but I replaced it anyway for an iridium one I now have no idea other than it being a fuel jet blocked or an air issue as to why it isn't starting even when I bump start it. I'd really appritiate any suggestions as want to sort it myself instead of taking it to a dealer and paying a ridiculous amount! Thanks, Jay

  2. Hey JayGriffR125, when you replaced the spark plug did you make sure your Ht lead was completely dry and also give a spray of WD40 ? i had similar problems to this a while back though mine did turn out to be a the fuel pump in the end so i replaced that myself quite easy with a new pump from eBay took about an hour or so and saved me a fortune :) . I'm not saying yours could be something as drastic as that though it could easily be just a wet socket or as you say a fuel jet blockage . hope you find the problem though .

  3. when you turn the key, can you hear the pump prime (whirling sound) ?
    sounds simple but check the HT lead is tight, check there are no exposed wires (could be wet)
    i have had the same issue 2/3 times now.
    1st - HT lead
    2nd - Spark plug
    3rd - wet electric (indicator) needed to bump first time after as the ECU would allow it to fire

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