2010 YZF R-125 for sale!! :)

Discussion in 'For sale' started by xivlia, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. xivlia

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    i am selling my amazing Yamaha YZF-R125, it has been well looked after and it runs absoloutley perfect. i got a new rear tyre fitted as the last one was punctured on the way home. the front is still the same. its currently at 5200, i will still be using my bike to go back and forth to my school. so the mileage wont stay the same. i will increase but slowly.

    the mods i have on the bike are all cosmetic, nothing that increases power etc.

    - Angel eyes: has an on/off switch cost £30 and + £195 for fitting
    - HID 8000k headlights: (low beams are standard bulbs now as the HID ballast got wet and stopped working I have the HID bulb included in the sale you just need a new ballast which costs 10 pounds) total kit £35
    - 11mm white reflective rim tape: looks really good with the bike a nice contrast between colours £15
    - R&G roller protectors. costs £110
    - Puig double bubble dark smoked screen costs £75
    - and ive done some carbon fiber wrapping on the bikes black fairings, it can be removed if you dont like it.

    by the way, you get all above with the bike for FREE!

    i have also modded the light wirings and now with the high beam switch, instead of just the left one opening and right one closing, they BOTH stay on, its more brighter and safer overall, and is NOT against the law. and the low beam switch is just the right one open, as normal. also it looks better :)

    i live in INVERNESS. highlands. if your not too far away. i can ride the bike down and take the train back home :D.

    PM me if anyone is intrested. final price of bike £2500 wont go any lower. brand new is £4125 now.

  2. shame you so bloody far! im in london
  3. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    hmm would you buy it for £2500 if so. i can maybe arrange a delivery.

  4. i buy nothing before i see it! just me personally, i dont even do clothes shopping online....wouldnt want you to come down for me to not want it n u habe 2 go back! tricky 1! do you have some pics?
  5. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    yeah sure ive got some pics. il post them up here :)
  6. xivlia

    xivlia Member


    here are the pics people.....enjoy ;)
  7. xivlia

    xivlia Member

  8. yea looks real nice mate, explain the lights to me (im a noob to biking) do you have all paper work for it?
  9. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    okay. the high beam (left one) is what is called a HID kit whic is 300% more brighter than normal lights. my low beam was also a HID but it was raining and it got inside the bulbs ballast. which is a special voltage regulator needed to make these bulbs work. so the low beam is back to normal light. the round light around the light bulbs are called angel eyes. which costed ALOT to fit in. and it jsut gives it a nice look and yes i have all of teh paper work for it. v5, etc etc also got spare keys and a zena xn15 dics lock.

  10. cool and the angel lights are used when? does the bike only use the left light then? im definately interested a bit more, need to sell my car which is also on gumtree hopefully by the end of the week to have the funds to buy said bike
  11. xivlia

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    the angel eyes has an alternate switch. it been mounted under the black fairings and is easily accessable while its hidden from people/ the one let down is. that it can be switched on when the bike is off. so if you turn off ur engine and leave the angels eyes running overnight. ul battery will be flat...i did that mistake once :p no the bike uses the right one only. which are your low beams. but you can turn on ur high beams (left ones) and they will boths stay on. normally when u switch high beams on the low beams will turn off. but ive modded it so they both stay on when its on high beam. cool jsut let me know if you are still intrested :)

  12. oooh ok never new you only use 1 light at a time, sounds kinda stupid to me, wouldnt the bike look better with both on, if both right and left had a high n low beam? is it possible to have this set up? or should you only have your low beam on 1 side and high on the other?... also the angel eyes would be irrelevant if its law to have your low beam on constantly?
  13. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    well the older style bikes had this high/low beam both bulbs but the newer bikes dont anymore. and the angel eyes quite dim. so its really not noticable from far away. it still looks like one light is on from far away. and no it is not possible to have low beams with both lights on at the same time because of the reflector. the high beam has a diffrenct shape reflector thats why its high beams. it shines straight ahead instead of abit down, like the low beam reflector. however like i said. ive modded the wiring of the lights so wen high beam is pressed, both high AND low come on :)

  14. cool that cleared that up!
  15. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    if u want it. jsut let me know :)
  16. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    i think this is one of only a few with the angel eyes, so it is unique and a great reason to buy it ;)
  17. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    :) yeah. they do cost alot to get fitted in.
  18. Kolnai

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    This looks like it could be a great bike Taron. I hired a van and drove from just south of London to Edinburgh to pick up my R125, 900 miles round trip! You could fly up to Inverness airport with Easyjet, look at the bike, buy it and arrange for it to be transported down to you. I know that Biking Direct in Scotland will deliver bikes down south for around £150, takes 7 days. Maybe you could factor that into the price with Xivlia?;)

    GLWS Xivlia

  19. i agree definately nice, its at the top of my list on used bikes at the mo! just waiting for someone to come and buy my car! then ill be in proper talks about getting me a bike!

  20. what reg is it mate?

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