2010 YZF R-125 for sale!! :)

Discussion in 'For sale' started by xivlia, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    its 2010 :)
  2. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    woops** double post by accident lol

  3. cool and has it had any falls, whats our options of getting it to london!?
  4. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    no falls but the crash protector has a tiiiiiiny wee scratch on it because i scraped it on my garage door once....tight fit :p...and im not exactly sure yet. il need to investigate on that.

  5. yea just what my gf mentioned, is how exactly would i get it! if we can work that out and it seems reasonable then we could def say youve got a deal mate
  6. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    hmm. have u got msn? itl be easier to chat over that, then we can talk more in depth about how to get the bike there:)

    pm me ur email if u do.

  7. ive added you to msn based on the email in your profile
    accept it and we could discuss
  8. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    hmm i didnt recieve anything to acept :\

  9. just sent u my email add me
  10. xivlia

    xivlia Member

    i added u but u havent accepted?

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