2010 Yzf-r125 Power Loss Please Help

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    Why are you removing radiator, wiring harness and throttle cable if your only changing the engine?. The throttle can be left attached, the throttle body can just be removed and positioned out of the way. The clutch cable only needs removing from the engine, by bending the soft metal retaining tab allowing enough space to unhook the cable.

  2. Firstly thanks a lot wheelie, I'll do just that!

    Blazer: When I say I've removed the radiator and wiring harness, I mean I've disconnected it from the engine, NOT taken it from the bike altogether. I took off rad to make it easier to get to things, and the same applies to wiring. Thank you, I did not know the throttle body could be detached, I'll check it out tonight. Thanks for info on the clutch.

    Thank you to you both, Engine is supposed to arrive by Friday at the latest!

    Can't wait to hear my baby purr again.. HOPEFULLY.

    I'll keep you posted :)

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    aaaahhh that makes sense Lol :). To remove the throttle body it's best to remove the airbox first, the throttle body can then be removed easily.
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  4. Hey guys; the old engine is out (after much work) and the new one is in!

    So happy to finally see some progress. I didn't realise the throttle body came off via a tightening mechanism with two screws, nice and easy.
    When I get home from work tonight I'll plug in all the cables/tubes/wires and with any luck she'll start!

    As mentioned its a new engine, the bottom half is used but rebuilt and every faulty or worn part was replaced, the top half is BRAND NEW :)
    Got a sweet deal with the Ebay people.

    All I've gotta do is put in oil and coolant, just got a few questions if thats alright...

    Firstly is there any preferred coolant for this specific bike?

    Secondly my exhaust (now off) is somewhat... brown. It looks pretty corroded I was wondering if there's any sort of chemical bath I can put it in to clean it up a bit? Similarly to the old penny in coke haha.

    Thirdly, my wheels have gotten stiff. I'm assuming this is salt build up, is there anything I can do about this or do I just need to get them moving again.

    Lastly, theres a oil system which I believe is supposed to drop oil on the chain every X miles, this isn't essential is it? Mines ************ed.

    Any tips or tricks for putting all my things back together? Obviously as it stands, the bike currently has literally nothing on it apart from wheels and handlebars and the new engine. Please let me know if there's anything I should look out for etc..

    Thanks guys I'm looking forward to posting that final post when the bike is running, thanks again for all your time bros :)

  5. hi Guys-

    Doing the final steps of my bike right now, rigging everything up. I need help with this one question and would be great if someone could reply quickly as am doing it right now! Where does this green earth wire connect to? It's long so I suspect make the front? Female red and blue connectors but can't find male!

    Thanks a lot!

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    As far as i'm aware, there should be an earth wire from the battery to the frame and another from the engine to the frame. I've never seen any wires like the ones in your picture, they look like they could have been fitted for some sort of accessory, an original earth wire running from the battery is normally black. Does the bike run ok without them connected?.

  7. Pretty sure the earth wire was NOT stock. I don't know what it was for but it was fused? I ain't seen many fused earths haha, anyway took it out all together and no problems. All the normal earths are in place.

    After that I had an issue with the fuel pump not priming; turns out it simply needed a fully charged battery to get enough current to dislodge something in the pump. All sorted now.

    Now for the good news:

    After about £300 in replacement parts, £385 in a new engine, and a very large amount of time and work; my little 125 is purring away again!
    All I've got left is to put all the panels on and I'll send a picture of what you guys helped me save :)

    I had some help from the village mechanic which saved me, but couldn't have got this far without some of the great people on this forum.

    Big up to Sacko and Greezy, but main thanks goes to Blazer and RPS; really appreciate the help you guys have me, couldn't have done is without ya!

    As a result, I'll stick around on this forum helping others as I now know my bike very well (result of engine swap)- at least until I get my R3 :)

    Top guys. What a forum :)


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