80mph?!?! chicken strips and removing pillion pegs

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  1. O.k first of all how are you guys getting 80mph out of this bike, mines completely stock and i had it up to 74mph and then i ran out of straight road with slight down hilll :lol: Also 6th is so gutless i get nothing out of it well maybe a few mph how bout you guys?

    Chicken strips. i havent been riding that long and only done about 160miles out of the city on kinda twisty roads... i wanna get rid of my chicken strips but im trying to using them as an indication of my riding improving, is this a good indication? how long does/did it take you guys to get rid of them or do you still have them ??!

    Removing the pillion pegs. I'm sure i've seen this mentioned somewhere on here before but can;t find it now... how do you do it ? does it make it look much better? is it difficult ? step by step guide would be useful if possible...

    sorry lots of questions but i want lots of answers :lol:

    Thanks happy safe riding :)

  2. Step by step guide in the How2 section from myself with pictures. it's a bloody awesome guide if i say so myself.

    What the feck are chicken strips?

  3. the un used section of the rear tyre on the edges further you go down smaller they get sence chicken strips

  4. ahhhh fanny bands lol, i wondered what he meant by chicken strips to lol. and the guide that was already mentioned on how to remove the pillion pegs is well worth following, used it to get mine off loads easier to read it and follow it than mess about taking off everythin you see in the way lol.

  5. hahaha thats a new one haha not heard that one b4

  6. link please?? would be really useful

    sorry i read on the internet chicken strips so i used that term whats your opinions anyway?

  7. lol what every1 at my work says about my bike, id never heard it till they started saying it to me.

  8. Don't be lazy go look for it lol

    My opinion? How much lean you can get on a bend and how much you can do it isn't indicative of riding ability. What is, is driving in a safe and progressive way where you're aware of your surroundings and ride to the conditions of the environment around you. You don't need to get your knee down to be an awesome rider, you need to be a safe one.

    And if you can be a safe rider and can gun it as well, then hey hey all's good :)

  9. as i say 'have you seen how wide a superbikes tyres are you would feel more comthy going to the edge of them' saying that evan superbikers get chicken strips. its better when you see a bunch of em stud talkin about how far the have lent over and u can blatantly see a 3inch chicken strip on each side lol.

  10. yea lol very true ^^^^

  11. i found your guide :) what are blanking plates about where do i get em as the ebay link in one of posts doesnt work now.. .

  12. fanny bands am still chuckling nw lol, fink we sould do a post on diffrent names on chicken strips lol see what we get
  13. Benji

    Benji Guest

    I have no more than a cm either side, with the right hand just slightly smaller than the left. Because the bike doesn't weigh a lot we don't need to lean as far as some bikes that weigh more.

    The polite term is chicken strips.

    80 is possible, but you need to really use the full rev range in the gears, especially in fifth, as this drops sixth into a better area of the rev range, and lets it keep going abit further. Either that or my engine is nice and loose after 5,000 miles of rev-happy riding.

  14. Contact benji

  15. Okay ill keep that in mind about getting to top speed.

    I just had a good look at my chicken strips there about 1cm and a bit not quite 1.5cm but on mine the left hand side is slighlty smaller lol I don't really care if people take the p*ss if you have em i wanted to know what other peoples are like and to see if im riding ok, with having chicken strips and all, and i really want to use them as a measure of my riding, and was wondering if they really tuely reflect this...

  16. want being rude by the way people when i said fanny bands i had just never heard of chicken strips and thought fanny bands was the name for it, want takin the mick i still got them on mine :cool:
  17. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Don't worry fella.

    One other thought on chicken strips/fanny bands is if you hang off a lot especially those who like to get there knee down, you won't be leaning as far as you are hanging off. When the weather gets warmer and the tarmac is dry and warm, then it should be safer to lean ever further. Rode to work this morning and it was frosty here :( ride home was better but still not super grippy. Summer is coming, so plenty to look forward too girls in summer clothes and sticky grippy rubber and lots of corners.

  18. YAY!!

    and benji someone said to speak to you about pillion peg blanks ??

  19. dunno if you can buy these or not but if someone has got dimensions and whole location for a plate i could get a load made at work probably.
  20. Benji

    Benji Guest

    haven't you got a radiator grill to be finishing :p :lol:

    On a slightly more serious note, how did you get on about the discs?

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