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  1. HI !!

    ive been trying to decide which exhaust i want for my bike. i was out on my usual sunday ride today and i seen litteraly hundreds of R1s and R6s out and about and they all seemed to have akrapovics. now either somewhere has a sale on orrrr theyre amazing exhausts.

    they look and sound amazing on the r125 and ive decided that i want the full carbon one ... hoever ive only seen 1 or 2 stockists and ideally i want 1 as cheap as possible however understanderbly they aint that cheap. i dont care that these are not road legal.... as i doubt half the ones ive seen today were aswell.

    any r125 owners with the akrapovic system could you kindly tell me where you got yours from and wats the best price as im now desperatly sick of the stock can :)

    Ben (bjtfly)
  2. akarichiet

    akarichiet Member

    Hi Ben,

    Got my mind at Calsport.... http://www.calsport.co.uk

    I think it was price at £454.10 inc Vat...

    I think thats the cheapest I can find in the uk... Which I purchase mind... great looking exhaust out there at the moment..

    Sound is amazing... for 125cc. Complete transformation on the little "R"

    Don't wait around too long!! VAT is going up to 20% in December 2010...
  3. akaDan

    akaDan Member

    You wont find an Akra pipe going cheap unless you're really lucky. They're top quality pipes, like Yoshis.

  4. yeahhh ive seen a few kicking around for £454 ish im trying to decide if it is really worth my while or to get the leo vince and save a few £££££s im currently selling a blackberry so hopefully if i get a decent amount for tht i can use that and my bonus from work to get the akra.....but could use the money saved to get other things i want like a new double bubble screen and a set of leathers :/ would be sooo much easier if i wasnt paying £320 a munth for a car like
  5. akaDan

    akaDan Member

    Personally I wouldn't bother with an Akra for a 125. The price doesn't justify the outcome unless you're after a serious project concerning performance upgrades. Save the big bucks for a decent pipe for when you get a big bike. A LV or even a Scorpion will do a good job for a lot less.

  6. Gah, nevermind... I posted the wrong thing.

    But, if you don't wanna spend that much on a Akra, why not go for a Termignoni? They are £100 cheaper and will sounds better imo.

  7. http://www.harleycustom.co.uk/L2-Termig ... 4-649.html


    just orderd mine on friday, they aint in stock, the guy reckons 4 weeks :( man this is gonna be a loooooooong 4 weeks!!!

    oh and that £323.76 aint inc vat it £390ish with vat and shipping...

    just hope it sounds as good as it looks!

    i checked the Ace cafe meet thread yesterday there was someone there with one of the exhuasts you wanted, dont know who, but maybe they can tell you more.

    i have not see them for less than £450

  8. ^^^
    Thats a Termignoni, the guy is looking for an Akrapovic ;)

  9. yer i know, was just pointing out the options apart from scorp or LV ect :)

    and giving him a link as you mentioned the termi
  10. akaDan

    akaDan Member

    There's a GPR on eBay for £225 and a Remus for £295 if you wanted something other than a Scorpion/LV.
  11. Petegs

    Petegs Member

    that gpr sounds pretty nifty on youtube, anyone heard it in real life?
  12. chelseaboy

    chelseaboy Guest

    Yeh mate. Sounds wicked. But I am still going to say that the leoVince is the best sounding exhaust and is legal.

  13. Ahhh, sorry mate :)

  14. ive got a few options atm but am working on getting a few quid knocked off a leo vince if that failss mebbies try the scorpion but tbh im blaintly gunna keep saying i wish i got the akrapovic every time i see and r1 or r6 with 1 haha then againg i also say i wish i had and r1 or an r6 everytym they go past haha

    and yeah ive looked at the termi ... looks canny and sounds canny but again couldnt get 1 for a decent price and if i was gna pay the full price i wud pay a little extra and get an akrapovic :)

  15. fair enough! what do you mean looks and sounds canny??? is that good?

    oh LV on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Yamaha-YZF-R125-L ... 27b3eb6bfa

    might be worth a bid

  16. haha dont worry m8 ive had my eye on it for over a week lmaooo defoo gna bid ... if all else fails work owe me £185 in bunus on friday so thatl cover me to get a new lv or an akra or save the money get a scorpion and a few other things :)


    ive been eagerly watching the above lv on ebay and im now proud to say i am the new owner of it !! :) not to mention a only payed £190 !!!!! BARGAIN !!!

    will post sum pics up when i receive and fit it :)

  18. nice one m8!! :)

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