Akrapovic or Scorpion

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by Petegs, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Petegs

    Petegs Member

    I know theres loads of threads about this, but I want to know is it worth forking out a couple of hundred more for the akrapovic? Whats all your thoughts?
  2. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    Go half way between and get a termi, because there uber cool
  3. akaDan

    akaDan Member

    Get the cheapest available because, unless you're seriously tuning your bike, all it's going to do on a 125 is save a few KGs and make it sound good.

  4. scorpion!!!! stainless steel £196 delivered half the price of the akra and some more and it sounds awesome you cant go by the sound of it on youtube you gotta hear it in real life. just as good as the dearer pipes so why spend more.
    If you want a carbon sleeve exhaust its £270 i think so its still way cheaper than the akra i got it fitted on my yam worth every penny :) theres a pic of it on my blog :)
  5. Petegs

    Petegs Member

    TripNip, I'm not a fan of the look of the termiugly exhaust, however I know they are great for performance and sound.
    I think I might end up getting the scorpion in carbon. I'm not really after an exhaust for performance increase as I know it isn't really going to happen much lol,
    Just for sheer sound and look
  6. Nizzle

    Nizzle Member

    You could try a G.p.r mine sounds good and has the right amount of pops and bangs
  7. iansdxn

    iansdxn Member

    Not heard an akrapovic, but thoroughly recommend scorpion :D :D
  8. Peaky

    Peaky Member

    My remus is quite loud :D if i was you and i would get a full license and buy an akrapovic for a bigger bike :)

  9. Wheres the cheapest place to get a scorpion exhaust from? I've been searching around the internet and the prices are around £300 for the stainless one but kyle33kt said you can pick them up for £199.


  10. http://www.bikebitzuk.co.uk/scorpion-mo ... 4_148.html

    fink this is ware hes buying it from

  11. yep thats the one bikebitzuk £217 but if you enter ENDOFSEASON promo code at checkout you get 10% off so its £196 free delivery via dhl got to me in 4 days :)

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