Anyone from New Zealand?

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by diasilman, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. diasilman

    diasilman Member

    hi guys

    anyone from new zealand?

  2. Sorry to drag up a old thread, but..."I'M FROM NEW ZEALAND!" :)
  3. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    where in new zealand are you from jenna?

  4. Im in Taranaki :)
  5. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    oh i see..
    ive been in NZ auckland mt wellington area last december.
    i love your roads, lots of twisties :D

  6. Im from NZ. Manukau City
  7. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    next time when i get back to NZ,
    ill let you know :)

  8. YAY!! Another Kiwi :)

  9. Sorry to disappoint you jenna_nz, Im not a Kiwi. Just a filipino immigrant.:)

  10. Im from Auckland

  11. let's ride...hehehe

  12. where are you Chris ?

  13. Manurewa,you?

  14. North Shore

  15. Do you have facebook?So I can contact you whenever we have a ride around auckland. Im Christopher Gonzaga,filipino.

  16. joey dang , my facebook. Not many Yzf R125 in NZ i think , isnt it ?

  17. Not many people buy them bec. they are slow.I'm alright with mine.

  18. mine is ok, bought it for 2 weeks sumthing like that , nearly 300kms on the clock. Trying to find the way to make 2 lights on with low and high beam though.

  19. Its just the way it is man.

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