Anyone from New Zealand?

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by diasilman, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. no that is not me.So you found out how to have 2 lights on or not ?

  2. No,I don't think its possible.I think its design that way... Can't find you on FB.

  3. I just sent you a request.Lets ride one time.I'm just a new rider here in NZ. Don't go full throttle all the time.just a gentle squeeze.
    Mine is at the shop now.;)

  4. you putting it on sale ?

  5. NO...its broken. faulty fuel pump.

  6. how is your bike now ?

  7. Just got my bike last Thursday. Its running now.
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    Got the same somewhere near february, nothing really to be scared of though :) Waited untill the next service to get it done.

  10. The second one is just for show, as it is well signed and stickered.
    It is by Ola Höglund of Nelson, New Zealand.
    Just strange to find in the charity shop next door to the first one, on the same day.

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