Battery Not Charging And Engine Turns Off

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  1. Hi guys, some help needed here about my 2009 WR125X.[​IMG]

    A few days ago the engine management signal light came on while the engine was idle, and after a few seconds I could notice that the engine started running different (slower) until it turned off. Tried to restart it but no luck, although I could hear the starting relay action but the engine did not start.
    I checked the battery and noted that the voltage was 9.5v, and while engine at idle speed the voltage reading at the battery was only 11.7v and maxes up to 13.5v with the engine revved up.

    Checked the output voltages at the generator and readings were as follow:
    Idle: 9.7v, 16.5v and 11.2v
    Revved: 41v, 51v and 35v
    Resistance between generator coils was 0.6 ohms

    Also is it normal that there will be oil in the generator area?

    Does anybody ever been through this? Following my measurement I am thinking it is a faulty generator, but I would like a second opinion.
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    Do you get a fault code from the engine light flashing?
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    I had a similar problem with my 2010 wrr a while back, the engine light would come on. I found that if i kept the revs high for a short time then the engine light would go off, which made me think that the generator wasn't kicking out enough power at tick over . After a full charge the battery would last about a week. If your output readings are between 9.7v and 11.2v at tick over then it looks like the generator may well need to be re wound, if you check the copper windings should be able to see if they are damaged or blackened from earthing out. The generator should be putting out at least 13 v at tick over.
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  4. It is 4 slow 6 fast if I am getting it right
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    Code 46 could well be right:
    Symptom - Abnormal Power Supply to System - engine will run.
    Possible Causes - Faulty Wiring or Connector; or Faulty Charging system
    Never had a problem like you describe but Blazer appears to have, and is always a good source of advice.

  6. I am on the same thought as Blazer. I will keep you updated. Thank you both for your help. I will keep you updated

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