Biggest Size Tyre?

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  1. whats the biggest size Rear tyre and front tyre we can have?

    i want to get a pair of speed demons
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    110/80/17 and 140/70/17, Basically 10 wider than normal. As long as they don't catch the swing arm or forks. Any wider would be unsafe.100 is width 80 is hight and 17 is wheel rim size.

  4. If you go for the 140/70-17 on the rear and 110/70-17 on the front you can run a set of pirelli diablo rosso ii
    I run them and they are a brilliant set of tyres in all conditions
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    The biggest is 150 but need some chainguard cut and spacers in sprokets

  6. Di
    Did you notice a big difference in ride when you changed the rear?
    Just thinking added weight/change in contact area would change the feel of the bike.
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    Hello, Thta wasn't my old R125.
    this is the motorcycle of Sergio From Portugal.
    if you need i can Put here the direct link for Sergio Post.
    personal i think oem tire size is the best to use because in my Old R125 after mallossi kit of 200cc the Motorcycle OEM tires size do the Job.
    I never feel that tires need to be change for biggest ones.

  8. Thanks for the reply!
    Could you link his post please?
    It does seem to be better to keep the same tyre size, I was thinking of getting some pirelli speed demons but we will see how the bank balance is next month!
    Cheers, andy
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