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  1. I have a 2010 R125 fitted with a 180cc kit and PCV. For the past 6 months its ran like a clock then I was on holiday for a fortnight and when I came back it just didn't want to start. Bike is fully serviced with all new parts. I fitted a new battery just in case and still no good. I pulled the plug and it was wet, yet it didn't seem like fuel (or oil) and I cleaned/gapped the plug (which was new anyway) and refitted it and it fired up perfectly. Went for a spin and it was great. Next day went to use it for work and it wouldn't start no matter what so I pulled the plug again and it was wet, dried it off and started the bike but noticed it was smoking quite bad (white smoke) so I assumed it was just crap in the exhaust and went for a longish spin and when I got back it was still smoking. I checked the coolant level and it had gone done a bit so I'm guessing head gasket? no coolant in the oil and she performs well so no loss of compression. Any ideas? The map for the PCV is not an issue here.
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    Think you've hit the nail on the head there, certainly sounds like a head gasket problem.

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