Bike will be going on ebay starting at £0.99!!!

Discussion in 'For sale' started by alexp, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. alexp

    alexp Member

    I'm in Rotherhithe area - SE16. Are you interested in the bike or the crash bungs or tail tidy?
  2. alexp

    alexp Member

    Just a general update, I haven't had much time due to work but hopefully clean the bike, take some pics and put it up on Ebay this week.
  3. Jay-Ramirez

    Jay-Ramirez Member

    still think you should sell for parts lol, you'll have a buyer straight away like that :p
  4. alexp

    alexp Member

    Haha - no I'm not breaking the thing up into parts! I'm not a mechanic and got a full time job - it is too much hassle!
  5. makz2008

    makz2008 Member

    was actually interested in the whole thing, but of course id like to see the extent of damage and preferrably get a rough idea of a price you are looking for?
  6. alexp

    alexp Member

    Sounds good mate - welcome to come and take a look and put in an offer!

    I just cleaned the bike and it looks pretty spanking apart from a few minor scuffs.
  7. alexp

    alexp Member

    So a friend of mine came to visit me saw the bike in the garage and loved it. He came back another day with a brand new battery which we fitted. We also found a blown fuse which we replaced. The bike whirrrrred to life and we had a few good runs on it! It is running great with only 508 miles on the clock! I threw in the tail tidy and crash bungs in for free and sold the bike to him at a very decent price! :) He even drove it home straight away!

    So a happy ending but sad to see the Yammy go! :(

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