Bike Wouldn't Start, Electric Problems?

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by formal, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. i put the key in the bike and turnt it on, i wasn't really paying attention to hear if the battery started up but the display lights were full brightness and headlights etc. Pressed the electric starter a couple times and literally nothing was happening unlike when the battery goes flat you can hear it struggling, took the key out once or twice and tried again with no luck, third time it started perfectly.... any suggestions on what it could be? any help is greatly appreciated thanks
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    Basics first, is it in gear, or handlebar engine kill switch open, or kickstand switch sticking. If all is ok, had any recent problems or done any work recently? Battery doesn't make a noise but fuel pump priming does. Will it bump start?

  3. One thing that did happen was that as i put the kickstand down and i got off the bike it flipped back up/wasn't down properly and i nearly dropped it and had to push the kickstand down quickly so maybe that was a factor? i dont remember if i took the bike off the kickstand though before i got it working and tbh im useless mechanically so im not sure if the kickstand switch would/could have flipped back off on its own
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    Spray kickstand switch with a dose of wd40 and give it a waggle. Then, unless switch is totally broken, I don't think it is the problem. Are oil and coolant levels ok? Also check fuses are ok? What year is the bike, mileage and how long have you had it?

  5. Well I assume the switch cant be broken because it started fine and has done when i tried it a few times when i got home. Yeah my oil/coolant levels all seem good. I think it must have been the kickstand switch got stuck where ive quickly kicked it down before it fell on me as ive never had any problems like this before.

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