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  1. Whats the law on these?! Cheers

  2. Not sure on the exact law on them, but on many occasions i have seen many bikers wearing them and the police bikers have said nothing, common sense prevails here and it is wise not too wear one at night, as you would be able to see nothing!
  3. jamesyR125

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    Yeah I have black dark visor, just dont wear them at night. Nearly all bikers I pass have :)
  4. jamesyR125

    jamesyR125 Member

    Well, you can wear it at night - but just don't close your lid. keep it open :)
  5. Tony c

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    The visor has to let 75% of light through to be legal

  6. From what i can gather, its much like race exhaust systems and slightly smaller than standard numberplates, techincally, your breaking the law etc etc, but most officers wont bat an eyelid

  7. From what iv'e been told (everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter) it cant have a tint of more than 50%. My CBT instructor said you could have a 50% visor and 50% sunglasses on underneath, see **** all and still be legal! But a 60% dark tint visor would be illegal. Like i say no one seems to have a concrete definitive answer, your best of asking an actual copper. or consulting the highway code.
  8. DJ24

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    Compare it to a normal one. If it darkens everything like sunglasses I'd not purchase it, but if the effect is only slight it'll be allright.
    Finally, it's all about your safety anyway.

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