Blank Key For 08 Bike??

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  1. hi folks, having recently bought an 08 bike with only 1 key (and a bent 1 at that) im looking to get a spare key cut and on reading a thread on this site i have contacted yamaha dealers about finding a blank key with no joy. It seems that a blank for the 08 reg bike is hard to come by? has anyone got any experience of this? i know i could get a new ignition set from yamaha but surely it would make sense to produce blanks for such a problem. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Why for 08? they all use the same keys!! infact, the same as the r6 and r1 too.

    have a look on ebay for the r6 r1 or r125 blanks. All yamaha keys have the same blank I believe, then go to a shopping centre or locksmith that cuts door keys, or if you're poor use a file and do it yourself.

    The blanks are about £1 from ebay, they have the nice r1 ones with white yamaha logos and blue/red/white ones etc. I'm getting a couple blue ones for mine even though I have 2 keys already.

    Just search for 'yamaha blank key', they do transponder immobiliser ones too which will work as well but are more money and you dont use the transponder part anyway

  3. I've already ordered a couple off eBay. Waiting for them too arrive, wasn't sure if they would do the job as in the description of the listing it says yzf r1 r6 fitment so we shall see. Had a right game ringing locksmiths who have blanks for most other models apart from the 125. Tried yamaha dealers, 1 said they can only get a blank for 10 plate onwards?? And another who said there is a backlog ordering them and there on the slow boat from Japan lol. Another advised new lock set which seems daft. Touch wood the keys off eBay are the right blank, if not I'm gonna take the barrel out and take it too the locksmith and see if they can adapt a key. Thanks

  4. Ah right, ordered some similar. Thanks for your help.
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    As I said, r1, r6 and r125 have the same keys, and have done since they started making the r125 [and back to the 1990s I believe]. Any locksmith will cut them, even most shoe repair things, the same places as house keys

  6. Scott did the eBay ones work mate. I keep being told they don't work can you confirm 100% please bud. Thanks

  7. The first key linked is incorrect ( one i got months ago thinking all similar keys are the same :D ) the second key linked is the correct one as it has the long thin groove down its entire length

  8. A few months back, I went to the dealership to get an R3 key made ... dealership sent me to a locksmith. Locksmith stated that there are no key blanks available for the R3 ... too new a key pattern. He tried all his Yamaha and Suzuki key blanks ... none would fit the key lock. 2 months later, still no blanks to be had, he does not know when he will get some.
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