Breaking 2010 black R125

Discussion in 'For sale' started by less_like_you, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Breaking my beloved 2010 black R125, yes its crazy i know, but be pleased you can get your hands on any of her 3 month old parts! All except the engine...

    Message me with what parts you are interested in and hopefully we can talk business...

    Situated in berkshire.

    Will NOT sell bike complete sorry.
  2. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    Why are you breaking the bike down? Has is been crashed or something?
  3. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    i think it would be best to explain why it being broken. do you have the V5 for this bike?

    thread will be monitored.

  4. Lol i am breaking the bike down as the engine is completely f**ked... and yes it is ligit, i have the v5 and it is my bike i am the first and only owner i brought the bike brand new.. I used to work for yamaha and have been left to keep and sell my old bike as i was owed a few favours... and i now have a new bike covered by warrenty.
  5. Benji

    Benji Guest

    In what way is the engine dead, and is the cylinder head still healthy, doesn't matter about the valvetrain for what i have in mind.

  6. bottom end bearings and valves and piston smashed, really made a mess of it... dont ask how, i was just cruising at 78mph when it just went bang... engine has gone now everything else is still intact, i kept my tail tidy and exhaust....
  7. Chickenz

    Chickenz Member

    £220 or there abouts for a running R125 engine on fleabay last time I looked. Seems like a total waste of a bike considering it could be saved.

  8. All yamaha were going to do with it was strip it and use it for spares themselves, i have decided i want to keep some bits and pieces off of it for myself and sell the rest... i was given a new bike covered by my warranty, if i fix it and sell it, it defeats the whole point of using my warranty to get a new bike through them, like i said i used to work for them and was owed some favours so they have gone against the usual rules, for me and given me a completely new bike and have also let me keep the original... By listing it on here i thought i would be doing other r125 owners in need of parts a favour, i never realised i would be given so much stigma.
  9. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    Nah mate it's fair enough if you've been giving a new bike. And at the end of the day. Sometimes it gets you more money breaking a bike than selling it whole. Anyway you say your keeping a few parts for yourself. Put a list up of what parts your selling so people that come on know what they can bargain off you. Goodluck in getting it all
  10. Chickenz

    Chickenz Member

    Oh no not at all.

    Obviously this is a public forum and so to have somebody pop up and offer spares from such a new bike would clearly set moderator alarms ringing. It just seemed a little to good to be true.

    As for myself I didn't understand why you would be breaking it when the option to have it fixed was there. Hey it's not what you know it's who you know and clearly you're sorted now :p

    I have to say I'm very tempted to ask for the the upper fairings and the middle section of the tank. I think it could make my 08 blue look better with gloss instead of matt black panels.

  11. @Kennyyzf thanks i appreciate your understanding, i was starting to feel a little small and confused as to what the problem was at first lol, i thought do some favours and maybe make some friends along the way why not...

    Erm regarding bits im keeping i am not entirely sure, i kept the started motor from the engine before it got disposed of by yamaha for me...

    i now have a competition white one, and i love it!

    If i am honest i think i will just sell it all...

    What i will do, is as parts sell, i will list on here what has sold... :mrgreen:
  12. kevshek

    kevshek Guest

    cheap parts ;) from a legit bike, theres no problem with that. :cool:

  13. Who said they were cheap?? Lol joke! I will sell all parts at a very appealing price, no point being greedy im lucky enough to have a new bike. :mrgreen:
  14. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    The black and gold one mate?
    If so how is the RH fairing' any scuffs at all? x

  15. it is the black and gold one yes, and no scuffs on the bike, i would rather sell all the panels as a set, i want around 200 for them. considering they are over 600 from yamaha and these are only a couple months old i think thats not a bad price, i am open to bargaining on all parts...
  16. kennyyzf

    kennyyzf Member

    I'm not tryin to be a nuscence mate. But could you please put a pic up of the whole panel set. I might be interested in these. I've sorta wanted to get different panels so I can change my bike every so often. I know it sounds stupid. Kinda like having two bikes lol.

  17. Well your not a pain in the ass are you lol. Joke... Yea i can do, won't be till tomorrow sometime though, I have the gold wheels if you are interested in those too, £100 pound for the pair... with tires discs and rear sprocket... Full fairings i want £200 for a fair price i think...
  18. g3ndu

    g3ndu Member


    im after a indicator bulb and the left tail piece how much you want for both


  19. Lol an indicator bulb? You can get them at your local petrol garage.... I would sell the left tail piece but i am trying to sell the full fairings for £200 so unless you would like to pay £200 for them i cant sell it dude sorry mate.

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