Breaking 2010 black R125

Discussion in 'For sale' started by less_like_you, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Anybody who wants the R and G tail tidy pm me, i will sell it for £25 which i think is fair... in box... Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment mate! Glad you are happy and pleased with the sale... Hope all is well, and thanks for an easy sale.
  3. Chickenz

    Chickenz Member

    Don't suppose you have a left hand headlight cover? Or the actual headlight if it comes as a whole unit?
  4. TripNip

    TripNip Member

    Tail tidy, will pay that money easy. Please PM me?

  5. Tail tidy still for sale.

  6. i come off mine the other day ( Stupid car thinking he was in america coming round a corner ) some lewis hamiltion wannabe anyway..


    Clutch Lever
    Gear Foot Pedal Thing ( dont know the "official" name )

    also, what exhaust... and how much for it... and the tail tidy :)

    Taaa :D :cool:

  7. oh and the speedo clock thing !!! mines FUC........... broke :/

    Taaaa :D :cool:

  8. If the tail tidy is still for sale pm me ;)

  9. Ahhh sorry guys i don't have any of those parts left... I made quite a large sale of parts last week. All i have left is the Gold wheels with tires discs and sprockets, also included in the sale is both the brembo brake calipers with pads. All for £100

    Here is the link for the ad.


  10. Aww, im gonna have to go break the news to my bike, cheers anyway dude.

  11. i need the left side panel if you have it....i might as well take both....

    can you sort it?

  12. oopse...sorry didnt read what youd said...

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