Breaking Yzfr125 All Parts Avaliable..!!!!!

Discussion in 'For sale' started by jordan2306, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    ************ that, yeah I got on two eBay for £83 and 99p!

  2. No worrys lol
  3. DW.

    DW. Member

    So do i. And work full time and have two kids. So what's you're point on family's??
  4. D-R125

    D-R125 Member

    what exhaust have you got mate?

  5. aftamarket exhaust,preformance air filter,tinted screen. what are both sides like n how much, (cowling d in owner manuel) .
  6. Sparkyjoe

    Sparkyjoe Member

    Rear brake pedal?

  7. looking for ignition barrel, seat lock at petrol cap with keys?? how much?

  8. looking for ignition barrel, seat lock at petrol cap with keys?? how much?
  9. Sparkyjoe

    Sparkyjoe Member

    There are sets on ebay for about £50, it just has the lock mechanisms for the seat and fuel cap, easy to switch over, brand new ignition barrell though. Cheaper than any bike breaker will sell i expect.

    Lose a set of keys or something?

  10. Someone jammed a screwdriver in the barrell. I'm only looking for genuine parts though.
  11. Sparkyjoe

    Sparkyjoe Member

    Yeah, the parts are genuine parts, in the nice little Yammy bags, brand new.

  12. Fancy sharing the link as i can't find it.
  13. Sparkyjoe

    Sparkyjoe Member

    I can't find it now, at least the genuine ones. There are plenty of non-yam parts that work just as well though, be pretty hard finding genuine yama for something like a seat lock.

  14. Thats why i'm looking about for people that are breaking down write off's.

  15. have got a lock set but same thing happened to mine someone tryed to steal the bike the lock set got completely ******

  16. i have a carbon fibre rear hugger, gold wheels with good tyre loads ov tread, engine with 3000miles, front and right hand side farrings still have, left hand side farrings sold to pal as he decided to drop his :rolleyes: lol mail me as lost phone

  17. I managed to get a full set from a breakers yard for £35.

  18. thts not bad, all orginal parts?

  19. Yes, couldn't believe it when he said £35. Nearly bit his arm off.
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