Broke Down Error Code 14

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  1. Hi Guys,

    bit of a back story I bought my 2011 R125 about a month ago. 35k on the clock but was told it had a new engine 4k miles before.

    I top up the oil as it is a bit low when I get it and all is happy as larry.

    Fast forward to today I'm riding down the A2 to work at about 65 when the bike lurches forward as if the engine cut out. Slows down to about 50 and then all is fine.. I pull over about a mile later and can here this metallic click coming from the engine. As I was only about 20 mins from work I soldier on and get to work. I check the Oil and dip stick is showing theres no oil. I fill her up with about a litre of oil.. Dip stick now showing its full as it should be.

    I'm now on my way home driving back down the A2 in 6th doing about 65 again and as i'm going down a hill there is a clunk and some smoke behind me and then no power what so ever. Dash remained on but bike was dead. I pull over and try to start the bike and I get nothing.. engine light flashes 1 long 4 short. I look it up Intake Air Pressure Sensor. Doesn't seem right to me after the day i've just had.

    Just looking for opinions for anyone really.

    Link to video of the sound it was making:

  2. UPDATE:

    I done some disassembly today and noticed my fuel pump wasn't priming. Managed to fix that by disconnecting and reconnecting the leads to the tank.

    Took the spark plug out ready to inspect the piston and was greeted by the worlds best spark plug.
    spark plug.jpeg

  3. So guys,

    Update.... Engine is beyond repair and I have ordered a new one, Will add pictures of the install..

    For now enjoy my pain! :(

    Chunk of metal inside the engine when I took the casing off.


    Engine Coming out.

    engine coming out.jpeg

    Head off.


    Where's the piston head?


    Oh There it is.... :(


    How she currently looks :(

  4. Blazer

    Blazer Member

    Wow! that's some failure.

  5. Don't think Yamaha have an error code for blown piston head :(

    Still having issues with a used engine I bought. Engine is in starter motor tries to start the engine, no spark.

    When I try to bump start it, It fires for about 2 seconds but dies. Anyone ideas?

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