Clicking From Starter Relay!

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  1. armandas vaitekonis

    Last week when i was riding home from school i went over a speed bump and heard a small pop from my engine, then it cut of completely and does not turn over when ignition is pressed. Earlyer that morning i dropped my bike due to snow but done practically no damage a part from a small scratch on my fairing. Currently when the key is turned all the electronics seem to work fine. The lights go on, rev metereverything lights up. But when the ignition is pressed the engine does not turn over - the electronics restart all over and there is an annoying single click from the starter relay(?) I currently changed the spark plug due to thr fact that i thought it was at fault. Since my new spark plug does not seem to turn over the engine i though there could be a short circuit in the wires but went down to check the fuses to see if any have blown and they all seem alright. I dont think its my batteries fault since even though its about a year old ive been riding daily and have never had a problem with it. My question is if its a faulty relay? Battery? Wires? What could be wrong. Im desperate and reallyneed some help. Thank you very much.
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    Sounds like a kill switch, have you checked the side stand switch or the stop switch listed as part no 14 in this schematic?. yzfr125/electrical 1?uID=0
    It may even be the lean angle sensor, which should cut the engine when the bike is dropped. It's also very close to the starter relay so it may seem like the relay that's making the clicking noise. Here's the schematic for the relay and lean angle sensor. yzfr125 2013/electrical 2?uid=0
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  3. Im going to check the stop switch today bit its definetly the starter relay clicking. Ive tripple checked that. I would get it to a mechanic but im having a lot of money problems at the moment so cant really afford it.
  4. Blazer

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    If it's definitely the the starter relay clicking, then it looks like you've found the problem, a second hand one off ebay seems the best and cheapest option. Hope you manage to get it sorted. :)

  5. My bike did that when bat was flat if you dropped your bike bat fluid mite of all leaked out check that if so boil kettle put in jug let it go cold fill bat bk up and charge it worth a try either way


  7. Did you get the problem fixed?I've got the same problem with mine?

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