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  1. Hey guys, my names Ahmed and I'm a third year student from toronto canada in london just on the study grind lol. I decided that a motorcycle license was a nice way to get out of a lot of long things like taking the bus etc and after research realised that the i could be driving the r125 after one days CBT. Probably the same story with everyone else and this bike....i saved up and here we go.

    Ever since I got it I been loving it plus I am a big modding fiend so the list of parts I ordered for it include :

    - Replacement stock sliders - I slid with the bike in the first week due to my stupidity and screwed up the sliders, then bought the stock ones from a store before doing research about r and g ones or anyt others. Right now I might decide take out the yamaha sliders to fight fairings I bought that I don't wan't to drill extra holes into.

    - Tail Tidy - Used bike so came with it.

    -Puig Carbon Look screen - Looks pretty good but black is probably a more sleeker look. It kind of compliments the akropovich.

    - Akropovich Carbon Exhaust - First thing you gotta do is an e exhaust its ridiculous how much louder it sounds it makes riding x10000 more fun and eases the pain of riding a 125 a little bit. Plus a lot of people say you don't feel the difference or you do; I definitely notice a change in the way the bike moves.

    - Pirelli Sport Demon tires - I was told to go easy on them for awhile to wear them in so I haven't been doing anything crazy, but i can definitely feel the difference in grip and just all around comfort in the ride.

    - New Mirrors off Ebay I think they were called Avatar GP Mirrors.

    - White Halo Angel Eyes - Haven't installed these yet.

    - Carbon Look Fairing - Bought them off ebay but haven't decided to fit them yet at its a different carbon look to my other pieces.

    - Oxford Carbon Disc Holder and Oxford mini watch... Might be cool to get a gear indicator.

    Haven't Arrived Yet -

    - Malossi Air Filter

    - Evotech Gold Bar Ends

    I'm tired as hell right now and really wanted to finally post this so I've prob left some stuff but we got plenty of time lol here are some pics -

    (L plates off just for pictures)

    Picture of it stock with tail tidy and yamaha sliders -

    Old Mirrors -

    New Mirrors -

    Better pictures and videos of the updates to come, and I'll try to answer any questions thanks guys,
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    Thats nice! Where abouts in london are you?

  3. Hey man I am in Central near Kings Cross.

  4. I just put up the Puig Carbon Look Double Bubble screen - easy to install but I am assuming I need to take the whole front off to properly fit the screen, as the rubber parts that come stock with the screen can't fit without removing the front end - right now my screen is just held by the top two screws (if anyone can visualise what I am trying to say).


    I was riding around old street going to pc world and I ran into a black yzf he had a girl on passenger and you could tell he modded it, exhaust, no windscreen etc. Dunno if he was on here but it was a nice bike.

    Here's a list of useful websites and other important things I found, probably most helpful for first timers -

    - If you are thinking about any mods whatsoever - get an exhaust.. I couldn't believe the sound.

    - I usually shop at infiniti motorcycles london, though you need to shop online to get anywhere:
    - Best site I found for for custom r125 parts but they don't have a few items in stock and they don't list "London" in their places to ship so i haven't ordered from here yet. Sent them a message but no reply yet,
    - They've got some nice gold handlebars, brake reservoir kits and they are currently the only guys that specifically make levers for the r125 (not having to do the r6 mod).
    - They also make a Carbon look rear hugger.

    - This site is nice because you can get colored bar ends for your r125; I ordered the gold ones but they haven't arrived yet.
    - I mistakenly bought the oxford carbon bar ends and found that they do not fit the r125, or at least I missed finding a guide to fit them.

    Rear Hugger

    - Theres a carbon look one available on motopike as I mentioned earlier.
    - Theres also one that has mesh on it and it is available in a variety of colour/mesh combinations.
    - Powerbronze has the part -
    - You can see the gold mesh version of it at 0:37 of this video -

    You can get a:

    - Double Bubble screen in a variety of colors (As well as normal screens).
    - Tail Tidys
    - Head light protectors
    - the huggers i was talking about
    - Height lowering
    - Yoke Protectors


    - Generally mirros are less of a pain to look for as they are more universal than other parts. I found my way around by eyeing how the mirror screws in, looking for the two hole system that the r125 uses. Plus if you put r125 in the search as well it's one of the few items where there is plenty for.


    I'm getting tired now so I'm going to continue this later and add still have to add pics as well. For now, here's a list of various sites I found that have good products and ship to the UK. - ( Link is to an '09 model ) - This site is very good for replacement parts and they even have double bubbles and the mesh hugger in black they call it the "GRP" hugger. - Nice site, got a small amount of random r125 parts and exhausts. - These are the halo cat eyes I bought and I havent installed them yet I might ask the guy for a pdf or emailed version of the instruction to show you guys and get advice.

    - This info is a compilation of stuff I found from google searching and this website, so credit due to all you guys here whos posts have helped me in this process.

    Check you guys soon.
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    Looking food ow much the mirrors i want to change mine too....

    Old street ay! Kings cross ay!!!? :) I work in farringdon so I am around those area's at times have a look out for me!!!

    Here is how my bike looks mate

    2012-01-11 08.05.19.jpg

  6. Oh that's nice man are you happy with the mods you've done to it etc? - you can usually find me riding along euston road to edgware and waterloo areas.

    Sorry been away for awhile - here's some more pics. - Now fitted with the akrapovic carbon exhaust and the Pirelli Sport Demon tires.

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  7. D-R125

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    Looking good! I really want akra ;) Im happy with all my mods so far, got loads more just waiting for payday and bargains!

    Do you know ace cafe

  8. Nice man what's your favourite mod? And no I have no idea about ace cafe but I think it's the meeting spot for you guys on the site right?
  9. D-R125

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    Its the meeting spot for all bikers LOL

    I have GP mirrors too now, and a new double bubble hids and headlight covers etc

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