Cutting Out At The Lights!

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  1. Had my YZF R125 a couple months now and love it, have come from Cruiser style bikes to this and have found my love.

    The difference between this and my last is when something was wrong it was a very limited amount of things it could be due to the lack of computer components that could go wrong. With this i'm stumped.

    Go out first thing and it runs fine, no issues no hiccups, but after a few miles, when i try and open it up a bit the revs plummet and i have to let go of the throttle to get it back and take a bit slower on opening up, then when i reach a set of lights and idle it will cut out, so bad the other day had a few backfires, sounded like a bloody gun shot. Even if it doesn't cut out, trying to take off from the lights and even touch the throttle it drops and almost cuts out rather than take off.

    I've added a few aftermarket pieces and was wondering would any of them have caused the issue.

    HID headlight, new brake and clutch lever, alarm-immobiliser, and the previous owner has added a scorpion exhaust.. bit too loud but awesome non the less. This has only started last few weeks and only change i had made was around when i added the levers.

    Any ideas? someone suggested a blocked injector someone else suggested too much draw from the battery for the H.I.D? 18763216_2413738332184007_160666666_n.jpg 18817428_2413738308850676_469270256_o.jpg 18818047_2413738305517343_317960577_o.jpg
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    Nice bike Bud!.
    Peeps have had problems with hid kits draining the battery's on these bikes before, the bulb needs a lot of power to startup, and as the lights come on as you start the bike there is a good chance it will drain the battery. A drained battery will give the same symptoms that you describe, but if your bike starts ok then it's unlikely to be the battery. I had similar symptoms as you described once and found that the screw that attaches the spark plug cap to the HT lead had snapped off meaning there was a gap which the spark would jump, but after riding for a while vibrations would cause the gap to widen and the bike would stall, so worth checking. Alarms have also been known to drain battery's, but if the bike starts ok theni guess it would also rule this out. I may be worth checking the oil level as well. Hope this helps.
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