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Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by makz2008, May 16, 2011.

  1. makz2008

    makz2008 Member

    anyone who has a cyclone alarm fitted to their bike i could use some help

    i have fitted the alarm and its working but i cannot get the remote start to work

    when i connect the remote start wire to the loom and press the remote start button it just blows the alarms fuse :confused:

    anyone shed any light if im connecting to the wrong wire or which colour wire i should be connecting it to

  2. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    I think Jay has fitted one, give him a try!

  3. what cyclone alarm you fitted ???
  4. makz2008

    makz2008 Member

    i think it was cyclone v2 non talking alarm/immobiliser

  5. Hi Ive purchased the cyclone 5000 not fitted as yet however was told that you need a standard 4 pin relay added to yamahas for the trip wire, friend is an electrician and will get him to tell me where it goes but when purchased they gave me wiring diagram for the bike and told me to purchase a standard 4 pin relay I asked about amp etc and he said it didnt matter its only for the trip wire.
    hope this helps like I say I have not fitted it all as yet but he has made the wiring diagram easier to understand
    mines the pager alarm microwave sensor etc sounds same as yours etc .. let me no if this has rectified
  6. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    its easy i nstall one on a mate bike under 20mins
  7. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    yep u need to bypass anti theft thing you ill get it to remote start
  8. Mayoh x2

    Mayoh x2 Member

    Its easy. Just place the alarm box under the cowel at the back. then run the wires to battery down and hook it up (Negative wire can go to any clean earthing point on the frame, under a panel screw for eg. Then plug in the alarm n wack that under the cowel too ( i got a cowel cover so not sure if both will fit with the seat) To wire the indicators just find the wires, slice of the casing on your indicator and solder them on MAKE SURE YOU DO IT ON THE INDICATOR WIRE SIDE NOT ON THE BIKES WIRING LOOM SIDE!!!!! I wouldnt fit the remote start, just sommet else to go wrong. Also to adjust the sensitivity hold down the ARM button and then when the indicators stay orange click one of the other buttons (forgot which) until it chirps (it will chirp 1-5 times depending on the level of sensitivity) keep pressing it until your required level, i have mine on 3 because 5 goes of if a mouse coughs on it. OOH quick note, wire the the sensor to your frame, makes the range greater. And the little LED put that where you wish, i has a mark on my tank strip so i drilled it out n put it in there but you can put it anywhere you like :)

  9. key fob for remote start is coming on and relay is clicking however not starting, I have the x2 earths from the relay wire from alarm and wire from relay to the bike starter relay ...
    anyone shed any light on how to get the remote start to work I was told to purchase a 4 pin relay in which I have however does not seem to be working?
    dont suppose it really matters having it on but its getting the better of me and would like to resolve the problem
    its the spy 5000m pager alarm
    many thanks in advance to those who can resolve all else is working just the remote start
  10. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    you need to disable something

  11. what componant would I need to disable please forgive me I am a girl and have not much electrical knowledge
    we fitted today all was well to the remote start its showing on the fob when I press remote start however the relay is just clicking as should be however not starting the engine
  12. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    the bike has a anti theft you need to by pass it ask there is a memebr on here got is working fine i did the install but he figure out the remote start side irish ali ask him

  13. many thanks has me puzzled dont think I will use the remote start but am interested in resolving
    thanks again
  14. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    its all good
  15. dtaff1

    dtaff1 Member

    i was told the remot start is what can cause the imobaliser to short and f#$k up libbylou has your alarm got a text alart

  16. its the spy 5000 it sends alert to keyfob showing if someone is attempting to touch move bike etc does not text my phone but keyfob vibrates and shows me where on the bike has been activated etc...
    think the data tool txts phone as my phone is ancient dont think it could even do that haha also not fitted the immobaliser start as not had time and thought against it but it puzzled me, I have had an email telling me exactly how to do it and resolve the problem but have not tinkered around with it due to not going to bother, I shouldnt think it would cause to much a problem or else it wouldnt be an option?
    the bike does have to be used kindaa weekly in order for the battery not to run dead and when does run dead the key fob will activate as normal however the indicator lights just flash etc....
    if you are thinking of completing the remote start will find the email and send it on if you like?
  17. dtaff1

    dtaff1 Member

    i might get the data tool so that i get a text :confused:
    libbylou where abouts are you from?

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