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  1. Well those jackets were real as far as i know but without prove of this fact i choose to remove them from ebay, and yes the lyle jumpers were seconds but unless you yourselfs have delt with lyle & scott remembering that each jumper retails at 75 pound for one to be classed as a second its just a sizing issue or stitching issue one 2 pulls or less, or just a label issue as in wrong size attached, i had been sold 68 jumpers and seven of those were not good enough to sell as new condition those were kept back an passed onto friends family and myself, you will find any lyle and scott jumper on ebay under 50 pound is a second or even a fake, and also you will find 90% of sellers dont list as either one, that is why i wrote if you were not happy with them return for a full refund, i had 6 items back in total from all sold 4 due to sizing issues and 2 just not happy with them. the 3 bad feeback left for those were as follows

    1, asked for refund 26 days after i sent the item out first class, and in comunication told me he had washed the item 3 times and worn it.

    2. 13 days after sale, asked for refund as it had a fault he had worn twice and also washed it, i checked every item before sending thats how i found the faulty items before sending a single item out,

    3. customer had a problem with jumper said he contacted me but he had been emailing me at .co.uk and my contact email was .com once he finally sent me a msg on ebay itself i refunded him in full without even asking for the jumper to be returned,

    Now if you find that unfair then iam guilty but i do not! and once again iam sorry but you complain about me sending a post about a sale ( yet this is a market place ) again iam sorry for my original post it wasnt intended to p*ss anyone off i didnt realise i had to post several posts before i could list a market place ad? so iam sorry for this.
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    No, what pissed us off was that your first post was worded like you had stumbled across some really good deal for some jackets during your ebay browsing, when really you were trying to get hits for your ebay posting. Thats pathetic. And dont act like you didnt do it on purpose, you clearly did.

    And then you had the nerve to chat ************ about how I give bikers a bad name because I wear no protective gear and am some sort of street racer and being rude to other respected members of this forum. If you had spent about 30 seconds on this forum and not headed straight for the market place you would have known how stupid a thing to say that was. ************.

    And then to cap it off, you dont know where these jackets have come from and whether they have are a cheap knockoffs or what. You seem like a bit of a pleb, a bit of a del boy. Any responsible human being wouldnt touch any LIFE SAVING merchandise with a barge pole unless they knew where it came from.

    If I was you, I would have ************ed off from this forum a while ago, but it seems like you like coming back for more... perhaps you are a bit of a sadomasicist?

  3. your quite philosophical aint you, and i had read alot on here before i posted, i didnt say i found the jackets did i? i didnt say anything other than have a look at these jackets for a great price how is that wrong, and i do know where they were made and who i got them off he has sold over 1500 bike clothing items and not a problem with them i bought several as they had been the stock he didnt clear in the clearance sale and i know hes not had a problem with them but i removed them as you all said even at 110 they were to expensive, so i removed them as selling them any cheaper would have lost me money so i have sold them back to him, i wasnt trying to rip or fraud people i was trying to give people the chance to buy what i thought was a good deal, and yes they are genuine Dainese so you know the Quality would be brilliant, and Very Safe i myself have a yamaha dainese jacket and pants and they are great. i was trying to do people a favour and i got abuse in return from some small minded prats, who desided to try and make a point from some old products i had sold yet using 3 bad feedback out of 149 good! and if you knew all the facts you would see the reasons for the feedback no fault to myself or the product, you just read and copied and posted here those feedback shame you didnt post the 30 plus feedback left for the lyle products alone showing how good they were and the service, but thats the aim isnt it to make me out to be a dellboy rip off, has i said in a previous post i wouldnt sell anything i wouldnt wear myself and that include something that could save my life, and yes i posted to show people the jackets not get hits! but to show i am not trying to rip people off i removed them from ebay. End of if you want to keep slagging me off then fine but what you say doesnt really matter as i have not done anything wrong or out of place. ill be using this forum again but i wont be listing on the marketplace again unless your giving stuff away you just get abuse.

  4. Jesus christ you lot give it up already.

    Lock thread.
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    No the reason you started getting abuse as you term it, was that the day you signed up, you posted two identical posts, in two area's advertising your ebay listings, no contribution to any discussion anywhere else, just straight in for a pitch. You told us once that you own a YZF but no pictures, no discussion, no introducing yourself, just straight in to "hi guys just wanted to show you these great Daniese jackets they are going for less that half the retail price thx guys", which when looked at where your ebay listings for a jacket, if that isn't posting to get hits, I really don't know what is. You didn't pull the listing either they expired.

    Totally agree Aaron, this just keeps on rolling, kind of funny in an epic way :lol:

  6. I AGREE ITS GETTING PAST A JOKE NOW, and yes i did pull the listing early. iam trying to put my avatar pic on but iam not sure how its done. oh and when you think whats the point in posting pics of a bike thats been shown 100 times before they all look the same.

  7. you have to make it smaller useing photobucket its free to join,also we liketo admire othere bikes evan if there identical.

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