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  1. Hello,

    I've a leovince with the db-killer. The look is awesome (for me :) ) but I think it makes too much noise for cops.
    Is there anyone here who know how to reduce the noise (by keeping this exhaust of course)?

    Thank you.

    (Sorry for my English)
  2. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Member

    I don't really know if you can decrease it anymore, but if the cops pull you, show them the E mark. It's absolutely road legal in all of Europe.
  3. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    are you riding with the db killer out are in ?

  4. Yes it should be legal, but they use a sonometer and there is more DB than on the (car)bike registration papers so a fine.
    A member from a french forum had a 180 euros fine at Paris (and needs to go to the cops office later for a second control (with less DB at exhaust)).

    @bikerboy: I ride with the DB-killer in no mods on the exhaust
  5. Fisher

    Fisher Member

    If you haven't been pulled yet. I simply wouldn't worry about it.

    In the UK, there is NO LAW AT ALL with an exhaust being too loud.
    The only thing they can get you for, is "being a public neuisance".

    Therefore, simply don't ride up and down the same street all day long, or rev the **** out of your bike at McDonalds and you will fine :)

    If they do however pull you, you *should* only get a warning.
    Then you know you have to do something about it :p

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