Does Anyone Know Where To Find A 13 Tooth Front Sprocket For A 2011 R125??

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by Aidan Cullen, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Im thinking of increasing the acceleration on my r125, i was trying to find a small front sprocket, does anyone know where to find a smaller sprocket like a 13t one??
  2. RPS

    RPS Member

    On the internet!

  3. Ive been looking on the internet i was just wondering if anyone knew any websites
  4. RPS

    RPS Member

    I don't want to sound unhelpful but when I put YZF r125 13T front sprocket into Google it comes back with loads of suggestions of websites where you can buy one.

  5. Thanks anyway, if i find one would i need to change the pitch of the chain or just the length??

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