Download Yamaha YZF R125 Service / Repair Manual

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  1. vixy

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    YAMAHA YZF R125 Service Manual / Repair Manual

    Hi YZF R125 Owners

    You can download the PDF Copy of YAMAHA YZF R125 Service Manual / Repair Manual below.

    You will be needing this yamaha service repair manual if you want to fix your own bike
    or just want to know more about the internals and externals of yamaha yzf r125.

    You can also download the WR125x WR125r service manual here


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  2. Olimacfarlane

    Olimacfarlane Member

    Good idea, will keep me occupied while my wrist is in plaster :)
  3. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    hehe next time be careful mate.
    you can read and know more info about your bike :)

  4. Thanks for this, saves paying £4 on eBay for it! :D
  5. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Vixy, i think the best is to put this post in upper page and make this to stay alwys there, maybe a category about services manual downloads or something like that.
  6. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    hi mikas,

    its on sticky :)

  7. WOW ive just spent 2 hours reading all this now going for a fiddle wiv my bike with my new found knowlodge.
    thanks vixy

  8. thanks

  9. is this the workshop manual with all the fuel injector details etc ???

  10. oh dont worry s'all good cheers buddy :)

  11. Hi I have a problem with opening that files abdobe it says a bout bad encrypting could some one help me

  12. Thanks

  13. thaks i love u lol

  14. thanks very handy!!
  15. Country boy

    Country boy Member

    This is great! Exactly what I need to fit my new bits and pieces!
  16. john_

    john_ Member

    Nice one for this :)

  17. top man cheers.

  18. A++++++++ ebaye.... Uppsss thats not the right place, Anyway a big help this one was, may the force be with you... Always!
    Cheers for this!
    and one more thing playing mmo isnt a waste of life it teaches you one thing when your new dnt ask to many questions in game or on forum just
    FAQ or "RDFM" read the fuc... manual sorts almost everything :D
    A good way to keep the forum tidy of difficult questions ;P

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