Ducati Monster 796 Walkaround And Warm Start - Dirty Version (no Baffles)

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Marthinus Cordier, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Long Time no see :(

    As you guys may or may not be aware I had a 125 then Moved onto my Yamaha XJ6, 4 Weeks ago that bike got written off on the Motorway when a car pulled out on me without looking... :(

    But not to worry as I have been able to buy myself a new toy and here it is:

    Filmed on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Camera.

    More Videos to Come so make sure you Like and Subscribe, Hope all of you guys are doing well?

  2. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Hello mate, unlucky on the write off, we're you alright?
    That monster is lovely and sounds beefy with those exhausts.
    How you finding it? Are you commuting?

  3. Hey L-J-P,

    Luckily I was ok, I was on my way to work in the morning when it happened in traffic. I was probably filtering at 35 mph in moving traffic when it happened. I wasn't even hurt coming off the bike so all is well.

    I absolutely Love the Monster, it's not a super bike with very aggressive throttle mapping so you can afford to throw it around a bit(even get wheel spin out of it in car parks...) It is more than 60KGs lighter than my XJ6 so that makes it feel even more like a toy. Acceleration is still a beast on that bike with a 0-60mph of 3.97secs.

    The sound that is makes is jaw dropping, going through traffic with that is just something else because cars, busses and vans keep well clear when they hear you approaching. I must admit I did also activate a car alarm with the exhaust about a week ago. Gunned the throttle in Central London on a quiet road and there I was activating my first car alarm - Put a damn big grin on my face...

    I do commute with the Monster Yes. A bit cold on the motorways with no fairing though... Listening to it all the way gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside though...
  4. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    Well at least you were alright.
    My mate had the monster and was using it to commute, the engine ended up dying on him and is not being rebuilt, only less than a year old aswel. I would love a Ducati streetfighter!
    Stay safe mate!
  5. Alonso

    Alonso Member

    Congrats! Im sure it sounds evan better in person

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