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Discussion in 'Wanted / Looking For' started by Chris gkd9, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Chris gkd9

    Chris gkd9 Member

    As per title really after a cam for my wr, also looking for a larger throttle body and better injector setup too plus a decat pipe.

    Probably a bit optimistic but cheers in advance people :)

  2. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    Incase you don't find any used parts:
    -If you're looking for cheap cams have a look here ( http://motor-part4u.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/CAMSHAFT ) the ones labled LC135 or FZ150 will fit and some cost less than £15.
    -Throttle bodys can be found on the same site, that's where I bought mine from (costs £52): http://www.motor-part4u.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/uma-racing-throttle-body-kit-set-for.html
    - The cheapest decat header I ever found was this one here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/yamaha-wr...-tube-no-kat/361423694879?hash=item542687ec1f
    - injector: http://www.automotivespartsshop.com...AMAHA-FZ150i-VIXION-R15-R125-WR125/?o=terbaru
  3. Chris gkd9

    Chris gkd9 Member

    Cheers again :p had found a cam on ebay for 25 quid (5.7mm) but now im confused as to what the limit will be before I get piston/valve contact as they go as far as 7.2mm...

    How did you find ordering from Malaysia? Prices are bang on compared to UK prices mind.

    Was also looking at the mivv decat, but I will likely be having blazer's old Leo vince one, liked the price of the mivv didn't want the ais pipe bit though. Where arrow and the other few that sell decat pipes get off asking 120 quid is beyond me, would chop up the oe pipe but will need the cat for an mot :(
  4. Draft_

    Draft_ Member

    Ordering the stuff from malaysia was good, the shipping was fast (it took 1 week if I remember correctly) and he also put down a lower goods value on the parcel (about 1/4 of what it actually cost) so that I only had to pay £8 of import charges on £150+ of parts. The shipping cost me £50 but that's because I purchased a big valve head and clutch along with the throttle body so the weight came over 5KG and I also chose the express shipping, I got a quote for shipping on just the throttle body and it was only £14 so I'd imagine that they'd ship both the cam and throtle body for £14 too.

    Ultimately when I sold all of the parts on Ebay I made a £20 profit :)

    Also it's not necessary to have a cat on a bike as emissions tests aren't performed on bikes in the UK, I had my WR pass with no advisories whilst I had my full arrow system fitted and god knows how the KTM would pass if there was a emissions test :D, so feel to chop up your pipe!
  5. Chris gkd9

    Chris gkd9 Member

    Shipping isn't a big worry for price for me, more the time and import costs :( but if the seller is cool about it I'm happy there and I don't mind paying extra for faster shipping :)

    I always thought bikes would have an emissions test as they have an emission value stated on the log book? 1st mot is due in September. Enduro on the other hand doesn't so you would be fine whatever it read :D 2 smoker emissions would be hilarious though, just a skull and cross bones instead of numbers hahaha

    Props to the 2nd hand profit too (y)

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