Engine Fault Code 46 (possible Alternator Problem?)

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by timtom, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, so recently put a new engine in my R125, all was hunky doory till rode her for the first time since new engine fitted to work, got about 2 miles away from my house and all electrics cut out (apart from injector), lights, dash, the works (this is was 4am so was scary as ************ and in the country side).

    Pulled over, engine cut out, turned ignition off and i could smell burning. Turned ignition back on and engine light came on with fault code 46, (Vehicle system power supply (Monitoring voltage)

    Power supply is not normal. ).

    Ditched the bike in a field i know of (locked up etc), and got a lift into work, just finished work and was pushing bike home, as i was going down a hill i tried bumping it, it started got about 400 meters down the road when same thing happened!

    Except this time the dash went off, never came back on, and after turning ignition off and on got nothing, no lights or anything.

    This leads me to belive that the battery is not charging at all, so i'm thinking alternator. Just stuck battery on charge and waiting too see what happens.

    Anyone else got any input to help me out or any other possible explanations?


  2. Blazer

    Blazer Member

    More than likely it's a short circuit. it could be some loose wires touching the exhaust. Ben Sowden had an almost identical problem with his wr125 recently. Check out his post in the wr discussions section.
  3. Liam1999

    Liam1999 Member

    The same has happened with me... it wont start of the button... However it starts when i bump it... but cuts out soon after... what do i do? Please z:(
  4. Blazer

    Blazer Member

    Is there an error code?.
  5. Liam1999

    Liam1999 Member

    It was 46.. I got a new battery and it's okay now.. however still bogs out
  6. Blazer

    Blazer Member

    If you have a voltage meter or know someone who has, then it would be worth testing the battery to see what it's putting out. With the bike turned off it should be putting out just over 12 volts usually about 12.4 volts. With the engine running it should read around 13 to 14 volts. If it doesn't read 13 to 14 volts with the engine running, the problem could simply be a loose connection somewhere in the charging circuit.

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