Engine Light Flashing And Sputtering Engine

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  1. Wondering if anyone can help me with a bit of an issue I’m having with my WR 125 R…

    Bought my bike back in June, it’s an 11 plate and done just over 4500 miles. I’ve been using it for a bit of greenlaning, after doing my CBT in May, so I’m a fairly new rider.

    I’ve had a couple of occasions where the bike has been sputtering whilst riding. The engine seems to cut out, the engine light will flash, then it will kick back in again. It’ll do this at random times, but other times it will run as normal.

    I went out last weekend and the bike ran fine, then during the week I went to go out but it started doing sputtering again. A couple of times the engine has cut out completely then has taken a few attempts to get going again (with engine light flashing).

    I’ve wiggled a few wires whilst the engines been running and they all seem fine (i.e. no loose connections). I know it had a new (second hand) fuel pump fitted at the beginning of June so I can’t see it being that. I also noticed that if I use the kill switch, then flick it back on without turning the ignition switch off then back on, the fuel injection seems to only make a half attempt at kicking in (i.e. it only makes half the whining noise that it usually makes when I first turn the ignition on).

    Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what this could be?? Cheers!
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    Probably has had little servicing for such a low mileage. Basics first, change oil and filter asap if you haven't already. These little engines are very robust if looked after but can get wrecked quite easily if oil is not checked regularly and changed at least annually. Mine is changed approx every 1800 miles.
    Also change spark plug, spark plug cap and air filter and eliminate those areas from being source of any problems.
    The engine kill switch is just that and is not intended as a routine engine switch off facility. It doesn't surprise me that you have problems using it the way you do but I am not going to try it on my bike to see what happens and cannot therefore say whether this is normal or not.

  3. I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter when I first bought the bike, as I wasn't sure when their last change was. I fitted a new spark plug and cap this week too, to see if that would eliminate the problem, as I have read on a couple of forums that a few people have had a bit of a problem with the cap. I understand what you mean with the kill switch, I don't use it as a routine switch off, I've just noticed it when I've been testing a few bits to see if anything is out of the ordinary. I'm also thinking it could possibly be the side stand switch? I know that sometimes the bike will start fine, then when I put it into gear (with side stand up) it cuts out straight away
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    Pleased that you did change those important things. Next thing is to work out what the code of the flashing light is saying. It is long flashes followed by short flashes. You need to count them. 4 long followed by 2 short is 42. You may need to check it a few times to get it right. Post code on here and we can tell you what it means. If I remember right you need to have ignition on and hold mode button down for a few secs to get it. Don't start engine.

  5. Doesn't seem to want to give me a code. Have held the mode button down for a while without the engine running but ignition on, but all it seems to do is change the speedo from mph to kph and vice versa.
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    Sorry just read my haynes manual again, you don't need to press the mode button, if there is a code it will start flashing with ignition on. Do you think it may be giving you a code when it is spluttering?
    My suspicious would turn to secondhand fuel pump and how good and clean is that. Surprised a seller would mention that had been fitted cos there is no obligation to unless it may point to an issue. New fuel pumps are fxxxxxx expensive (£350) as I needed one 18mths ago.
    Are there any specific circumstances or common factors when spluttering occurs.
    The fault suggests a fueling problem: pump, fuel tank blockage, fuel line blockage or injector.

  7. Yes I thought it would give me a code when it's sputtering but as it randomly sputters and flashes, I can't concentrate on it as it's only a few seconds and would rather keep my eyes on the road than on the speedo area haha. I have been out on the bike today but it seems to have fixed itself... I'd given the electrics all a good wd40 coating yesterday, so it may have been that they were a bit wet still from washing after the last big ride? Also, let her warm up for 5 mins or so before setting off, so not sure if it's just been that it hasn't had a chance to warm up previously?

    I'll keep an eye on it see how I go, cheers for the help though, much appreicated!
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    Didn't mean to suggest getting a code whilst you are riding but if safe to stop; to try and get one then. Pleased to hear bike has performed better today.

  9. Been out on the bike tonight and have had the engine light flashing and engine cutting out again. It appeared to be giving me an error code this time... 1 long flash, followed by 9 shorter ones, giving me error code 19 I believe?

    It was fine when I set off, then started cutting out when I was on a lane, so I set off back home, it kept cutting out, then suddenly kicked back in again and was fine all the way back.

    I'm wondering if it's anything to do with wet electrics, as I'm sure it only seems to be having it's funny doo's after I've power washed the bike. Usually I spray the electrics with wd40 after washing, but I hadn't sprayed the kick stand switch which I believe may be associated with code 19 from what I have read previously?

    Any suggestions??
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    Code 19 is ECU power input (blue/yellow wire) - engine stops/will not restart. However it does stop in your case but will restart. Code 19 points directly to side stand switch issue so definitely give it a good dose of wd40. If the fault continues and you still get code 19 it might be time to replace the switch.

  11. Have finally managed to pin point the issue to the ignition barrel this morning. Noticed some exposed wiring which I didn't see last time I checked and when I wiggled them the bike cut out. Must have gotten worse since I last checked, probably from the tightness of the wires and constant rubbing from vibration. Now just to get the thing out and sorted! Looks like a bit of a pain to access. Any direction for a Haynes manual of some sort that would help?
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    Haynes manual is good but expensive. Not sure if it would help much with your current problem but def worth having. See if you can p/up secondhand one off likes of amazon/ebay. Wiring is known to rub in that area but has not affected my 15k 2010 bike yet.

  13. Managed to get enough exposure to have a good look and when I took off the cap at the bottom of the barrel one of the wires pretty much dropped off, so that was probably my issue! Have soldered it back on and made for a bit more play in the wires running to the engine so as to avoid them pulling off again. Bike is firing up fine now and no cutting out when I wiggle the wiring, so fingers crossed the problem is solved. Just waiting for the rain to ease off then going to have a quick toot on it, see how it goes
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