Exhaust Leak And Endless Tube Yamaha Wr 125x

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  1. Hi guys,
    recently bought a 2009 WR 125X that has a brand new motor in it. I started it a few times and it was all great. I even went on like 2 rides with it. After that i started it one night and i just saw oil coming through the exhaust. I also looked there and noticed a strange sitting tube that , from what i heard, is supposed to be the too full tank tube ( that is supposed to drop excess fuel i think).

    If any of you guys have had any kind of problem like this , please let me know and also if you know what that tube is and where it is supposed to go please let me know also.

    Have a great day! :D
    Here you have a picture of what it looks like (i know i have to change the oil)
    I am not in a hurry as the bike is in the garage for the winter , but i would like to know for when the good weather comes so i don't spill lots of oil everywhere.

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