Fire Security Tips For Apartment Living

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  1. It’s a dream come true to have an apartment of your own and that home is like your haven for everyone. Also its important to protect your dream apartment from all threats. Common threats to your apartment include theft, fire (caused by electrical or gas equipments), pest attacks, and accidents like that. Majority of these threats can be avoided with a little concern and attention, but sorry to say, most people never appear to bother about these safety measures until they are to face any of them. Here we are discussing about some home safety tips for everyone to follow

    Fire: Faulty wiring, leakage in gas appliances, old and damaged circuit breakers, are largely blamed for fires most of the time. So how to save your apartment from fire attacks? Burners should not be left un-attended when they are in use. Combustible stuffs like aerosols, paper towels, oil and plastic should be kept at a secure distance from the burner. Old wiring should be replaced at least once in ten years, and look for signs of a fault. Common warnings of wiring fault include ticklish feelings on wet walls, lights flickering etc.
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