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  1. Hello everybody! I'm new on this forum so, if I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me.
    I have a problem with my WR125X (year:2012)
    Due to an unfortunate event (my friend kicked it and literally cut it off) I had to change the blinkers on my back. I put the new ones on with 0 problems. I took care not to leave wires uncovered. Unfortunately, after some days, I went to use the bike but the battery was flat. I had to push it to turn it on.
    Same thing for another few times later... It seems like if I don't use it very often the battery just can't keep the charge.
    A short ride is enough to charge the battery, but if I don't use it for like....3 days....then it goes flat again.
    The other day, after a trip of about 30 kilometers during which I had absolutely NO problems, all of a sudden the engine light (the yellow one) turned on. No blinking, nothing. Just sitting there, staring me in the eyes menacingly...
    Fortunately I was almost home, so in 2 minutes I parked in the garage. When I turned it off and tried to turn it on again, it started with no problem at all, but the yellow light was blinking: 4 long and 6 shorts.
    I looked on this forum (thank you! You're amazing! So many infos...love u guys!) and found that error code 46 is when there are problem with the energy supply.
    Now my question is: could the new blinker be the cause? What can I do? New battery? But if I can't find the cause I'll just end with another failing battery, right? If anyone has an advice I'd be immensely grateful! I now it may seem stupid but knowing my WR has a problem stresses me out so much! I love that bike!!
    Thanks in advance to anyone who reads! :D

    (P.s: I'm Italian, so forgive me for my poor english...)
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    Your English is good and better than some English people on this forum,
    Has the battery been on the bike a long time? Probably worth putting a new battery on it if you don't know how old it is. They are only small battery's anyway so won't last forever. I am on my second battery in four years and will change it every 2 years (approx 10,000km).
    The other thing you can do is get a battery charger and charge the battery up.
    If the battery never reaches full charge it will always be more likely to go flat.
    I don't think your new blinkers are likely to be the cause if they are suitable ones for this bike.

  3. Thanks! I'm not 100% sure but I think the battery's AT LEAST 2 years old so..:rolleyes: I'll buy a new one, and If my budget will allow me I'll even consider buying a battery charger to use in emergencies...
    Thank you so much!

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