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  1. Hi lads,
    today my right hand footpeg broke off.. Didn't crash or anything it just broke in half. Now my question..
    Does anyone has suggestions on what peg to buy. I'm thinking to replace both left and right peg with something more colorful than the blend silver ones
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  3. Hi Blazer

    Sorry a little irrelevant. But do you think they would work on the 2016 model with the rod aswell? Thank you in advance
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    Tbh i don't know if the mounting points on the frame are similar between the pre 2014 to currant models, if they are the same then i don't see why they shouldn't fit. Although the gearing would be reversed, @Old125Rider fitted a 2015 engine to his 2010 bike and got round the gearing problem by adjusting the selector arm, although i suspect that the front sprocket cover may not fit back on. He mentioned that he ordered the new type gear pedal, but has yet to report back on whether it fits (foot peg to lever and fairing wise). Check out his post here.

  5. Hi you have been a great help!! Thank you very much!!!

  6. Thanks guys!

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