Full Scorpion Exhaust System S/S finish

Discussion in 'For sale' started by kris88, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. kris88

    kris88 Member

    Full Scorpion Exhaust System S/S finish, exhaust has done about 500miles. sounds amaizing with baffles in or out. no marks or scratches.

    £185 delivered
  2. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    Good price that fella.
  3. kris88

    kris88 Member

    Cheers bud, I'm the same as you, start my das training on Tuesday so the bike is now standard ready to get traded in.
  4. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    Good call fella, hope all goes well buddy let us know how you get on, you selling the bike private or trading in?
  5. kris88

    kris88 Member

    If I see anything I will probably trade in, but if I get a gd offer privately then would consider selling private

  6. This still avaliable?
  7. kris88

    kris88 Member

    Yeah m8 still available

  8. Can you only sell it inside the UK? I live in Finland, not sure how much it would cost to send it here :s
  9. ttboy1988

    ttboy1988 Member

    All the boys on this forum are moving onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, to bigger bikes,

    (Although i must state that i dont have a bike at the moment)

    The guys that bought the bike brand new are gonna make a big loss when they come to sell it.
  10. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    Indeed, but has too be done I'm sticking around though love the forum and the people whom make it all too much ;)
  11. kris88

    kris88 Member

    I'm not sure how much it would cost to ship Finland, alot i would assume. For what I have left on finance and trade in I'm only down £200 so it's not that bad
  12. Petegs

    Petegs Member

    If your still looking for someone to buy it I have 160 quid spare if you would go that low, obviously understandable if you dont, cheers

  13. 180 delivered? I can pay on thursday, payday ;) pm me with bank details if yes.
  14. kris88

    kris88 Member

    Paypal only
    Paypal only sorry if this causes inconvenience
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  15. is the exhaust for sale still?
  16. kris88

    kris88 Member

  17. i really want your exhaust, never mind :(
  18. radddogg

    radddogg Member


    Guess who bought it???

  19. makz2008

    makz2008 Member

    find yourself a yoshimura ;)
  20. radddogg

    radddogg Member

    I can't commend this seller enough. Came in the original packaging, all very well packed. Fitted and its awesome. With the Db killer out it sounds like a harley!! I'm well pleased.

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