Full Scorpion Exhaust System S/S finish

Discussion in 'For sale' started by kris88, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. kris88

    kris88 Member

    Cheers again, enjoy
  2. Kinetic

    Kinetic Member

    Kris is the man ,, at sending stuff through the mail :p u get it in less than 24hours ,, have you ever thought about going into the delivery business ?? haha
  3. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    This has gone then? :(
  4. radddogg

    radddogg Member

    Yep, its all mine. I had to put the DB killer in though as it is SOOOOO loud otherwise. It was fun setting off car alarms though[​IMG]
  5. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    Followed a guy at a meet who had one today and it sounds tasty. If I didn't have to buy new boots/gloves/leathers/helmet I'd get one. :(
  6. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    It was quite funny, he came up to me and WarriorShark and started blabbing to him about how he'd spent loadsa money and put new pots in it and done this and that, and it looked ************e. He went flying past us later so I nipped up after him and followed him with intent! He knew I meant business! *Angry face*

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