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  1. okay here goes.. i've got an engine that will only select 1st, neutral and second and after that the gear lever will only go half way up and won't go any further. so i took the engine out and tried again with it out of the frame if i turn the front sprocket by hand it finished selecting the gears but the gear lever will only move half way until i turn the front sprocket and then it finishes selecting the gear.. same problem going down the box between sixth and third... any ideas would be muchly appreciated.

    thanks in advance guys.
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    Sounds like the gear selection shaft, i've had the same problem. Have you still got the engine out of the frame?.
    What you will find is that the lug that holds the spring in place has snapped off. Here's a pic with the lug arrowed.
    Sorry i've arrowed the wrong lug it's the other one that holds the return spring in place.
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