Genuine Yamaha 150cc Bore Up Kit For R125 With Free Shipping £135 And Racing Cam Plug And Play £50

Discussion in 'For sale' started by vixy, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Liam YZF

    Liam YZF Member

    Hey Vixy, would the cam not need to a power commander to really get the benefit out of it?
  2. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    its totally safe plug and play

    not needed the fuel commander,
    the cam is 100% plug and play
  3. Joshg

    Joshg Member

    so is it £40 p&p and it will add 1.13hp?

  4. Does this kit include all the rings to the piston..?
  5. Joshg

    Joshg Member

  6. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    yes 1.13hp alone using racing cam (based from the T135 stock bike with racing cam)
    add +shipping fee if you will order only the racing camshaft

    yes as shown in the picture and description. it includes the ring and piston and pin, gaskets, bore

  7. There is no fuel injector mod in this kit, then how the ************ can you use a 150cc kit on a 125cc injection kit? Makes no sense.
  8. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    R125 EFI can accomodate airfuel ratio upto certain limits. That limits covers the 25cc increase.
    R125 throttle body is 28mm (thats 28mm equivalent to carburetor)
    compare it with
    T135 is using 22mm carburetor (which we are still using in 150cc bore kit, tested)

    maybe you mean fuel injection adjuster tool, (NOT FUEL INJECTOR)
    i hope you know the difference between the two.

    FI adjuster tool can be purchased separately. But for 150cc its not needed.

    now hopefully that make sense to you :)

    (ps. please dont post harsh words, tnx)
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  9. Okay, sorry. But is there an auto EFI in theese bikes? :O
  10. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    if you go over 160cc bores you can buy the powercommander or the FI adjuster tool
    but for 150cc its not needed.

  11. But you will get more power if you run it with an powercommander tho
  12. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    yes added benefit if you have power commander or fuel adjuster.
  13. law


    Is this out of the yzf r15? Found n sold in places like india. Im guessing that bike is the same as the r125 just has the bigger bore. In this case the 150 cc kit. If so it should be 100% safe. You still selling these? Might get one when i get paid. And why do you have the yzf engine in a moped?
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  14. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    yes its available.
    they share the same bore/head.
    because yzf engine has 6speed while T135 engine has 4speed.
    besides its my passion to modify and make my bike engine run better.
    if only i can get hold of R1 or R6 engine, i will install it in my bike! :D
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  15. And how do I buy this from you? Do you have a shop? Thanks
  16. Joshg

    Joshg Member

    soooo do i get this through ebay?
  17. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    i sent you a private message
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  18. so does this improve the top speed once the cam and 150 kit is fitted ?
  19. vixy

    vixy Administrator Staff Member

    yes will increase top speed and acceleration :)
  20. YammyShagger

    YammyShagger Banned

    Has anyone bought from Vixy and installed it yet?

    I wanna know some personal results. :)
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