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Discussion in 'For sale' started by Slaveunit, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    As requested by a few members on the forum, I have set up a group buy on Paddock stands.

    The Stand is a Biketek 2 rear paddock stand, and comes with flat plate supports. It looks a lot like this:

    The group buy also comes with compatible bobbin hooks, which are more secure than the flat plates, and look a great deal like this:

    The price of buying these items on the website would be:
    Stand: 25.52
    Bobbin hooks: 7.99
    Postage: 4.95
    Total: 38.46

    The group buy will have these at your front door for £30.00.

    To take part in the group buy you will need to do the following, remarkably simple, steps:

    Head over to the group buy section of the site by clicking here:

    Add one to your cart (add more if you like)

    As you go through the shopping cart you'll fill out your postage details

    Quote the group buy code R125PDS in the special instructions box (to prove youre from these forums)

    Pay your moneys with Paypal or a card, the Paypal checkout allows card payments without a Paypal account.

    For me to get them at this price I have to buy a minimum of 5, but conveniently I've already sold one to a friend so as soon as 4 orders have been put through I'll order them in, and then get them sent out to you. The 5th person to order will then have to wait until I have another 4 before it's sent, if you get what I mean. It may be worth replying in here to say you've got one so people can track the numbers.

    Thanks all, and if theres anything else on the site that you would like me to do the same deal on, please get in touch.

  2. Kolnai

    Kolnai Member

    Nice one Paul!

    Ok, so I'm in on this one! Anyone else? We need 4 peeps for the initial order, so 3 more, come on! ;)

  3. One more order needed on this group buy to make the numbers... Anyone interested?

  4. I really want it my question is will you be able to ship it to Israel for me and how much will shipment cost?
  5. lemans24heur

    lemans24heur Member

    Hi Paul
    have ordered one and put in the code hope thats ok
    thanks Andrew :D
  6. Kolnai

    Kolnai Member

    Awesome! :cool:

    So we now have our first 4 peeps for the first group order...


    I've just paid for mine on Biketuna!

    Thanks Paul :D

  7. While I'm at the post office with the UK orders I'll get a quote for the shipping for you, and we'll go from there.


    One more order and I can get them in from the suppliers...

  8. Thanks allot waiting to hear from you!
  9. lonepilgrim

    lonepilgrim Member

    do you still need 1 more order?
  10. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    im intrested peoples....
  11. normg002

    normg002 Member

    Whats happening with this? Are any more orders needed? Could really do with a stand!
  12. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

  13. jeboy

    jeboy Member

    everyone got their stands, check the other site.

    lets do another group buy?

  14. normg002

    normg002 Member

  15. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    wowowow how come i get left out lol...

    1. jeboy
  16. normg002

    normg002 Member

    2 more required, shall I post this on the other forum too?
  17. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    i dont see why not fella?
  18. normg002

    normg002 Member

  19. YZFDanR125

    YZFDanR125 Member

    For those that arnt on the new forum though update it on here ;)
  20. normg002

    normg002 Member

    Will do buddy.

    Obviously spots will go on a first come first serve, I will endevour to update ASAP!:)

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