GROUP BUY - TITAX Clutch/Brake Levers

Discussion in 'For sale' started by Kolnai, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    ok, thanks
  2. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Don't talk about something that you don't know.
    If you go to some one home and disrespect the owner of the house you still think that you are welcome in that house????
  3. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    I've asked around, Mikas. People make their minds up from what they're told, and from what I've been told I think that it's utterly ridiculous that we now have a rift between two forums.
  4. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    i don't say rift but at least Vixy don't try to delete all content of forum, yes there was link delete or edit but not all content of a forum that have a lot of work of users, and Tundoy try it - yes tundoy act like a kit and try to delete all content in this forum, after that there was some funny guys that behind a proxy in others country think yes i can spam etc and nothing can touch me... wrong very wrong proxy can hide your ip from noobs not for pro. but no one will spend time with that that kind of people is so stupid spepnd time spam others forums etc, that is a sign that they don't have a real life only a empty life. i don't think there is problems about one or more sites about r125 but users that was in this forum just because other forum born they show what they are in real and show here that kind of people don't deserve respect. i always try to help other in UK in French in Spain in Portuguese forums etc i don't care if are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 forum if i have time i try to help others, and if someone have a bad attitude to me i never do something that can ruin others works, yes i can say to that user to go pi** off and other words but others users don't have nothing about that so if i try to ruin a lots of others works just because i'm mad to someone i will lose any reason i have.
    sorry about long text but i try to make the shorter history about issues betweens persons in the 125 forum so you can know the 2 sides of the story.
  5. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    i can't understand something mrwhite say "This list is pointless. Half of those names are banned from this site..." but the list don't have only 4 names so half can be ban???
    the list have 2 names ban from here i don't think what is the problem.
    in other side i know of users ban from other site just because they put some pictures for decal and picture that don't make publicity to any site or racism etc and they was ban, so can you mrwhite type the some text in other site say that list is pointless too? maybe in other site half of the list is ban users too? no my mystake only 2 users was ban sorry in the end was not half of the list. :)
  6. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    You're a funny guy, Mikas.

    And I remember seeing someone's pictures get removed from that site, too. Oh, that was mine. The picture I posted of the screen of my bike was removed, even though it says "," on the front of it.

    You're always going to have people who disagree with the way things are done. In both sites. I disagree with many things, as people may know. I've had exchanges with mods from the other site, too, so don't think I like this one especially and decide I'll only pick on you guys here.

    'Half' was an exaggeration. I'll try to be a little more literal for you next time.

  7. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    and i have static ip so i can post in other site too, but i stop going there because the goal of the other site was for all 125 that change to a bigger motorcycle so i know there exist very good users that can help others so my time is not much i administ a application in my work that register's all work and what more them 5000 government workers do during the day work so too many work, after that i have my 5 years soon electric Duracell kit :) and there is in the way my second soon, at week ends rides with friends or alone so my time is few but i will continue here to help others, i say this not for justify why i don't go to other site but dude before the other site born i'm help already helps 3 r125 sites this one one in Spain and another one in France. too many work.
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  8. And back to TITAX.....
  9. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    TITAX say something that will not happen so fast, they say Fevery 2011 will have it in stock for sale 3 mouths is pass and they not start yet to make it.
  10. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    I saw a site claiming to do levers at £90 a piece for shorties. I can't bloody remember it. May have been wemoto...
  11. mrwhite

    mrwhite Member

    No just went on wemoto it's definitely not them.
  12. MikasPT

    MikasPT staff Staff Member

    Almost every sites that publicity to levers for yzf r125 end say after order "we only have for R1"
    Marking don't care about good or bad atittude they only want is sell.
  13. zachm99

    zachm99 New Member

    i want some =)

  14. 1.Kolnai​
    10. Lonepilgrim​
    15. Dunkirk wants 'em!​
    16. craigeastlondon​
    17. ashj258 (as long as the price is reaonable !)​
    18.Xivlia (if price is good)​
    19. Angel_Fire, (as above)​
    I want these for the "bling" factor lol, just as an honest question, not to be narky or anything, do you get the vibe that these are going to be made or not ??​
    I'm quite happy to wait, just wanna know your thoughts on it Kolani,​
  15. Kolnai

    Kolnai Member

    This is the last email I had back from Paul -

    "Latest email from them say production starts in May. Wether the distributers get them in may is a different matter they say, but they are keeping me posted."

    I've just emailed him again for another update, hopefully we could have some ready in June/July.

    Lads, I'm thinking about organising an R125 run south of London in July, so we could even to a mass meet and lever fit and then all head out for a ride
  16. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    get me a set
    get me a set

  17. are these ready yet???
  18. L-J-P

    L-J-P staff Staff Member

    no titax dont seem to be replying to anything i send them :L
  19. bikerboy

    bikerboy Member

    mod some r6 ones there most be some way to get them fit
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  20. jeboy

    jeboy Member

    1. Everyone on the list above (19+) email titax all at the same time.
    2 . Everyone on the list get one or two friend each to email titax.
    3. ??????
    4. Profit!!

    Seriously though, they have to make it, I'm done getting outbidded on eBay for r6 master cylinder.
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