Has anyone heard or experienced a YZF-R125 being stolen?

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Firefly, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    I was just curious - what is the incidence rate for Yamaha YZF-R125s being nicked? :shock:
    The bike is sold without an alarm or immobiliser and only has a handlebar lock. :?
    (I'd like to postulate that because the bike came out in 2008, most owners were already very aware of the bike theft phenomenon, and arranged adequate security for all their bikes - reducing drastically the incidence of R125 thefts!) :D
    Has anyone one here ever had one stolen before?
    Alternatively, has anyone heard of an R125 being stolen?
    Full details please, if anyone knows or has experienced anything at all - even an attempted theft!
    (I know about the guy who had his fairings nicked overnight).

    Nope, my pride and joy HASN'T been nicked. :lol:

    I'm just curious. :?:
  2. akaDan

    akaDan Member

    I haven't heard of any R125s being stolen but I have heard of it happening to a few WRs, two of which were members on this forum.

  3. The R125 im about to be buying, previously(about 2 weeks ago)
    2 gypsies stole it while it was in its steering lock in his college...like in the middle of nowhere (SAC college... agriculture college)
    and what they did was they took this weird paste and put it thru the ignition...then took a heater over the substance and it acted as a key when hardened, and they got half way down the road then crashed it :lol:

  4. I ************ing hate pikeys... they pull into the car park at work because theres a builders yard onit practically - looking for bits and bobs, always get one of those ************ed teeth sister ************ing do-as-ya-likeys havin a gander at my beauty :x

  5. i bought a stolen one (not the one im driving)
    my mate told me about his friend, selling exactly the same bike (blue one 09 model)

    bought it for 250 and now i have all the spare parts i need when ever im in need :)

    just being honest
  6. chelseaboy

    chelseaboy Guest

    You bought a stolen bike?
  7. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    Surely, he means he bought a stolen and recovered, already paid out for by insurance, and now in a trashed and unrepairable state R125 bike. Or does he? :shock:
    Surely, he wouldn't have bought a stolen bike, and come on to this forum to boast about it. Or would he? :?
    Mind you, how can you buy an R125 as spares for only £250?
    Either there's now't left on it already, or there IS somfink dodgy about that purchase. But what do I know? :roll:

    Clarification please dalrasco3, i'm about to die from holding my breath in anticipation of the facts :lol:

  8. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: dude, you dint buy a stolen one did you ?
  9. Benji

    Benji Guest

    I think you need to clarify a few points honestly.

    Is this spare bike, stolen, or stolen recovered and bought from a salvage company?

  10. sorry lol i just red what i wrote and i realized something
    its a stolen recovered
    the owner of the salvage place is my dads best mate
    and my mates friend is the owner
    so we got it really really cheap

  11. Can't of bin much left of it for 250 lol
  12. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    I suppose he got it as a favour from friends he knows for a nominal price.
    Happens all the time if you have connections.
    That's that sorted then. :lol:

    Whew! He had me worried for a while though. :oops:

  13. haha
    even i just realized what i put, it sounded bad!

    but anyways, the bike didnt have a left and right boomerang fairing
    but it has everythin else
  14. Firefly

    Firefly Member

    Bargain!! :mrgreen:
  15. alexh

    alexh New Member

    it did look bad m8 i'll cancel the collection we were doing for a hitman :mrgreen:

    lol nice bargain that will save u loads on parts even for little stuff pads, discs etc
  16. Benji

    Benji Guest

    Excellent, pleased this is resolved, now the next question is are you willing to sell any parts to other people, sorry can't help but be cheeky.

  17. yeah sure
    the only thing that i took off it was the starter motor
    mine had problems since i installed the 150 kit
  18. Benji

    Benji Guest

    did you remove the decompression pin from the cam gear?
  19. Benji

    Benji Guest

    That will be the reason you are burning out starter motors.

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