Help! - Cant Get Past 65 Mph.

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by MRB3N, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Why is it that my R125 wont get past 65 MPH?
    I'm guessing it must have been since I've fitted my GPR exhaust system I reckon.

    Since I fitted it I've barely gotten time to go out for pleasure ride or thrash as I call it. ;)
    Its all 30 MPH round town riding. So I've not known until yesterday when I went for a "thrash".

    The acceleration is awesome, but top end has gone pants.
    Is this due to needing the fuel air ration sorting?
    Would a K&N filter give me back my top end?

    Any suggestions would be great as now I may as well be riding a Peugeot SpeedFight for top end fun. :(

  2. Id be interested to know the answer to that, as i struggle to hit 70! I've wondered for a while if a K&N air filter would make much difference?!
  3. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Yeah me too? What exhaust are you running?

    All these people on here saying they get 85 as "standard" and they've ragged it to 86 and 88 etc irritates me.

  4. I dont think ive ever got to 80mph lol..!

    I've got a Mivv GP full exhaust system, didnt know what one to get so thats what i chose!
  5. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Looks a nice exhaust mate.
    Better than seeing the same mainstream ones all the time.

    And to be honest they all do the same thing.
    Performance is minimal between them. Its just sound that alters.
  6. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Does nobody have any ideas?

    Where are all the tech geeks? :)

  7. I'd be interested to know as well. Struggle to get to 65+. Everything is as stock.
  8. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Yeah exactly! What the hell is wrong?

    Its doing my head in.

  9. Hopefully someone will comment soon and enlighten us!
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  10. bud

    bud Member

    i want to know as well, before my bike struggled to get to 72mph but i have fitted a k&n since then so i still have to test it.
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  11. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    I bloody hope so!
  12. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    72 Bud? You're doing better than us others.

    You really need to let me know if the K&N makes it better or worse.
    Because I don't want to buy one if it does more harm than good.

    When are you likely to test it?

    And hows your foot doing dude? :)
  13. Joshg

    Joshg Member

    hmmmm my bikes standard and i get 81 ish (on the clock) and im 15 stone, could be incorrect fueling?
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  14. I'd love my bike to go 81mph!
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  15. Joshg

    Joshg Member

    some say 85 and stuff!! mines on redline at 81 thats on straight flat dual carriageway tucked in like a pedo hid behind a tree (no offence to people who are easly offended!)lol down hill its no differance just gets there alot quicker
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  16. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Do pedo's hide behind trees?

    I thought they hid behind the BBC? ;)
  17. MRB3N

    MRB3N Member

    Well im not that fat (joke). ;)
    I'm about 12 stone and a pork pie.

    I think it must be fuelling. :confused:
    Since I added the aftermarket exhaust system.
  18. Joshg

    Joshg Member

  19. Joshg

    Joshg Member

    thats what id say mate fueling
  20. Joshg

    Joshg Member

    get it in garage for a look mate

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