Help! - Cant Get Past 65 Mph.

Discussion in 'YZF R125 General Discussions' started by MRB3N, Nov 16, 2012.

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    had mine to 15 stone (ish) and have full akrapovic and K&N...

  2. check if you haven't overfilled your oil i made the mistake and was wondering for ages why i lost speed :p

  3. I've got the answer to everyone's problem. You need to max sure everything isn't about the max mark or it will over do everything and slow your bike. I'm talk about brake fluid coolant and oil. Then make sure your type pressure suits the weight of the carrier and make sure your bike idiles at 1.5k rpm and you should be able to get speeds like me. I get 86 on redline and hit 92 if in red zone.
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    92mph?? Is your bike stock??

  5. yea. only thing ive changed that makes a difference is my bubble. got an extra long tinted bubble to make more arrow dynamic. once i change my air filter and put my new exhaust on in summer i will put up a video with my boys hd go pro and show you. my friend didn't believe me till i raced him on the A12 to south end. lol only eva done 92 once cause it sounded like the engine was going to blow. lolz
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    red zone...... someones took the limiter out that engine will die a horrible death !

  7. it wont die. i build bike for a living from the frame. all this ************ is peanuts to me. my gilera does 92mph and still basically a 125 and has taken two years off me putting it thur pain. plus my friend works in yamaha so we know what we are doing.
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    sooo did u take the limiter of? i mentioned that to fowlers a yamaha dealer and they said it is a ************ing stupid idea as the bike will not last inless u spend stupid money.......

  9. every limiter is gone but the only bad thing is that ever 500miles i need to check a couple parts to make sure the bike is fine. if you dont know ************ about bikes i wouldnt advise you to do what i did cause your engine will die.

  10. here is my death trap :)

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    well i had a few mopeds in the past that i spent silly money on getting to silly speeds that constenly needed things doing due to the fact so much power was coming from it but they were two strokes not four and four strokes dont take well to being de restricted (removal of limiters) in my experiance.

  12. i learnt from my two storke ped but four storke are the only ones that can take pain. two storke have their day. four is so reilable
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    very true just 2 strokes u can squeeze so much more power out lol

  14. depends on the person thou. if you only ride in town then keep two stroke but if you want to do long travelling every now and again you will need a four to get you to where your going. anyway have a nice day everyone and ride safe even thou i dont. off to work now. cya
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    lol i use mine daily 25 miles ish commuting then out crusing with mates, sound mate

  16. has it been for its services yet? ive had mine for a month and its done around 300 miles or so.. i get about 48 mph at 6k revs i weigh about 8 stone.. i know they play with the ecu when i take it in so i figured thats when the top speed will get to 85 (once its been ran in).. my bike is stock and brand new and i have been sticking to the 6k mark all the time.. most i have had it up to is 7k.

  17. I was actually advised by my Yam dealer not to stick to 6k all the time while breaking my bike in. He said for the majority, yes, keep it on or around 6k but to take it to 10k every so often for no longer than 10 seconds at a time.
    He claimed I was less likely to encounter problems with the bike as it aged. He's been riding for 30 years so I trust his judgement.

  18. not sure mate, the guy who dropped my bike off actually said to keep it under 5k lol i was like are u serious mate my 50 is faster than that lol! the manual says not to take it over 6k for any prolonged periods so ive had it bouncing around that mark, its suppost to be bad to keep it at a set rpm tho it apparently damages the engine in some way.. only another 150 or so miles and its due first service anyway.. would be nice to see what others have to say about the 10k thing as maybe one of us are getting screwed into a faster breakdown bill lol
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    I kept mine under 6k for the breaking in period.

  20. thanks irish the whole reason i baught my bike new is cuz i wanted to be sure the bike hadnt been thrashed, i had to remake my account mate i was talking to u and a couple others about what they got thrown in with there bikes, you guys was awesum and i really appreciate the help u all gave me!.. this is what i managed to get (R&G tail tidy + disc lock for free + alarm, imobiliser, crash bungs all fitted for free) they also offered 600 pound worth of clothing for 300 pound but i didnt have enuth cash for that. i cud of also sat my cbt for free, and i get bike picked up for free and dropped back to me after services + a small bag of goodies :)
    tamworth yamaha had great customer service all round.. i would use them again and i would reccomend them aswell

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